Speeding up App Development with AI

image of laptop with code on, with plant next to laptop | AI

AI is currently taking over businesses, aiding in finance, HR to IT operations and in the world of app development, speed and efficiency is vital in driving productivity and boosting performance.

Many SAP users encounter issues that arise when delving into development – one issue, for example, is the speed of the development process. Speeding up the app development process will allow SAP users to complete code, visualize data and help build apps effortlessly as well as offering instant support and assistance whenever needed.

Neptune Software is one company addressing this challenge, answering SAP users’ call with its AI assistant, Naia, which aims to lead the charge in enterprise app development, bringing ease to SAP app development.

Supporting AI-powered app development is key to simplifying complex processes and technologies for developers. By introducing AI within enterprise app development, Naia becomes a developer’s trusted companion in the world of no-code and low-code app development. IT teams can harness the power of AI to automate common development patterns and tasks, making it accessible to a broader range of individuals, regardless of their skill set.

With this kind of AI assistant, users can benefit from fast help with access to documentation, e-learning resources and support tickets instantly to reduce the time it takes to find solutions to development challenges. Not only this, SAP users can also benefit from efficient skill development, multilingual interaction and aids with the output of high quality, on a developer’s first try.

Neptune’s strong AI-powered capabilities, tailored assistance and range of features simplify and enhance the low-code app development process which make Neptune DXP particularly useful for enterprise app development within SAP processes.

Speeding up the development process allows SAP users to focus on the more important tasks. By embracing AI assistance, SAP users will drive efficient, accessible and productive development.