Modern on-premise ERP for the manufacturing sector

A series of cables plugged into a connection board | Global Shop Solutions on-premise ERP

The age of ERP reforms is upon us. Today, the majority of companies consider implementing and updating the digital side of their businesses, especially in the manufacturing sector.

So, when it comes to implementing ERP technology, there is one major question you need to ask first: should your company invest in cloud ERP or on-premise ERP? While the cloud is tempting, an on-premise ERP should not be discarded. Global Shop Solutions’ on-premise ERP solution could be exactly what you are looking for.

The biggest advantage of on-premise ERP is in the name – any changes or adjustments that need to be made to the software will be instantly done in-house. Global Shop Solutions’ on-premise ERP systems provide more control and visibility over a company’s data and findings. They are also easier to transition from older legacy systems. Have your manufacturing processes remained unchanged for decades? Global Shop Solutions systems can analyze the methodology and boost efficiencies.

The next advantage? If you decide to invest in a service provider like Global Shop Solutions, the software and technology are all installed on your business’s servers and hardware. You own the software and are thus responsible for maintaining infrastructure and security. Need to update the software? You can choose the exact time it happens so there will be minimal disruption and downtime.

When it comes to broaching the subject of digital transformation, you need to invest time and effort into researching what best works for you. For example, Global Shop Solutions can provide all the integral upgrades a manufacturer needs to stay afloat. Inventory management, job costing accounting, increased efficiencies, better planning, and document control are just some of the features a firm like Global Shop Solutions can provide.

Remember, when deciding about what ERP solution to choose, you should not just dive straight for a provider. Research, take your time choosing, and consider that an on-premise ERP could be the answer to your manufacturing woes.