Morpheus.Network Brand Protection blockchain available on SAP Store

A lock sitting on top of computer keyboard. Morpheus.Network

Morpheus.Network announced that its Brand Protection solution is now available on the online marketplace SAP Store. The solution integrates with S/4HANA Cloud ERP and delivers verified product traceability to customers.

The supply chain middleware platform leverages ML/AI, IoT and blockchain digital technologies and has over 150 integrations with companies.

Morpheus.Network’s certified SAP S/4HANA Cloud connector acquires digital purchase order information directly into its middleware platform, to avoid rekeying or manual entry errors.

Users can define a set of simple business rules for creating an encrypted unique ID (UID) which is added to Morpheus.Network’s blockchain solution to prove authenticity. The UID can be surfaced as a unique QR Code, GS1 standards and hardware smart tagging technologies like RFID and NFC.

The solution aims to assist companies in tracking shipments and goods in real-time as they move through the supply chain, including locations for in-store activations and post-retail scans. Exceptions can be automatically routed for immediate action and tie activations to consumer loyalty programs or other promotional incentives.

Its integration with the SAP Store helps Morpheus.Network to continue its mission to help companies and government organizations eliminate inefficiencies and remove barriers to optimize and automate enterprise supply chain operations.

Karl McDermott, CRO, Morpheus.Network, said: “There is truth in the quote ‘if you can make it, they can fake it.’ We help protect your revenues, consumers and brands by directly reducing counterfeiting from black, grey diversion and stolen products entering your distribution and retail channels.”

This major milestone further strengthens the relationship between Morpheus.Network and SAP. Earlier this year, Morpheus.Network announced its participation in the SAP.iO Foundry New York’s Supply Chain Management Innovation program. It has seen the firm continue to work closely with SAP’s innovative solutions and ecosystems, in particular the Digital Supply Chain (DSC) solution.