Nagarro and Green AI Cloud join forces to drive advanced AI adoption

A Nagarro green computer memory board.

Nagarro and Green AI Cloud have joined forces to empower companies to maximize profitability by leveraging advanced AI technologies. The collaboration will help Nordic industrial companies utilize AI to become strategic value creators.

Nagarro is one of the world’s fastest-growing digital engineering companies. They deliver digital engineering across all industries and work extensively with large industrial clients.

The collaboration with Green AI Cloud enables Nagarro to offer its customers a market-leading and cost-effective cloud service for AI solutions, surpassing the performance and affordability of alternatives. Nagarro’s esteemed clientele in the manufacturing industry will now benefit from the collaborative offering.

Dacil Hernandez, director of data & AI, Nagarro in Nordics, said: “We deeply understand the needs of our industrial customers and the transformative power of AI.

“Hence, we are very excited to deliver a unique end-to-end solution to our customers by leveraging Green AI’s fast and cost-effective cloud service for AI, coupled with our deep expertise in the field.”

Green AI Cloud’s cutting-edge cloud infrastructure allows AI models to be calculated faster, more efficiently and with unparalleled precision across various applications such as generative AI in text, image, video, audio and computer vision.

Green AI Cloud boasts up to 350 percent higher resolution compared to other existing cloud service solutions. Green AI Cloud’s customer base comprises of organizations in the life science, manufacturing, research and energy sectors, with a focus on energy storage.

Jacob Boström, CEO and founder of Green AI Cloud, said: “Right now, there is momentum when it comes to AI, and together with Nagarro, we can help companies take advantage of it. The technology already exists, and we know that we can help companies make money with the help of AI, not least in the manufacturing industry.

“There are major gains to be made, both in terms of value creation, efficiency increase and cost savings.”