NetApp announces new data protection capabilities in BlueXP

NetApp lock on a kayboard

NetApp, a prominent data-centric software company, has unveiled new capabilities in its BlueXP platform, solidifying its position as a leading provider of secure data storage solutions.

In today’s technology-driven world, data holds immense value but is also susceptible to various risks. Cyber-threats, like ransomware attacks pose a significant danger potentially leading to data loss or corruption.

Managing data infrastructures has become increasingly complex due to the presence of on-premises and multi-cloud environments, coupled with challenges related to data protection, security and compliance. Skills shortages and budget constraints exacerbate these difficulties.

To address these pressing concerns, organizations require streamlined data management and enhanced security measures to safeguard their data and mitigate catastrophic losses. NetApp’s BlueXP introduces new capabilities that enhance its unified experience and offer data service functionalities.

These capabilities enable the discovery, management and protection of data across multi-cloud infrastructures, leveraging AI and machine learning operations to optimize business outcomes.

The recent feature updates and innovations in BlueXP include simplified backup and recovery processes, extended data protection across diverse environments and deployment in highly secure environments such as government sites. These capabilities ensure consistent operations and deliver a seamless experience across applications, irrespective of the environment.

Ronen Schwartz, senior VP and GM of Cloud storage, NetApp, said: “What BlueXP offers is truly best of breed as it enables a differentiated approach to the hybrid multi-cloud challenge.

“Our commitment is to continually enable AIOps in ever-expanding ways driving simplification of complex storage and data management operations, all while simultaneously enhancing the cyber resilience posture that our customers attain through BlueXP. While this approach already supports the world’s most secure government environments, it mirrors what our commercial customers are demanding in today’s modern data world.”

The key enhancements in NetApp BlueXP include the provision of cohesive data protection strategies from a single control point, encompassing systems, locations and workloads. The platform’s backup and recovery capabilities offer a unified control plane that simplifies customized backup strategies on a workload-by-workload basis, eliminating the need for multiple tools and specialized resources.

BlueXP’s backup and recovery functionalities now support a broader range of workloads, including application-consistent database deployments in major clouds using NetApp software-defined or hyperscaler-native storage offerings. Moreover, NetApp BlueXP introduces private and restricted modes of deployment, facilitating its implementation in highly secure and compliance-sensitive environments like government clouds and dark site setups that require complete isolation from internet connectivity.