Oracle and Anaconda partner to accelerate open-source innovation

Open source stock image | Oracle and Anaconda

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Anaconda Inc, the data science platform provider, have collaborated to offer secure open-source Python and R tools and packages by embedding and enabling Anaconda’s repository across OCI’s artificial intelligence and machine learning services.

Through the partnership, customers have access to Anaconda services directly from within OCI without a separate enterprise license.

According to the two companies, the velocity of innovation powered by the open-source community outpaces any single technology vendor, and more and more organizations are adopting open-source Python for enterprise use.

Elad Ziklik, vice president of AI services at Oracle, said: “Oracle’s partnership to provide data scientists with seamless access to Anaconda not only delivers high-performance machine learning, but also helps ensure strong enterprise governance and security. With security built into the core OCI experience, plus the security of Anaconda’s curated repository, data scientists can use their favorite open-source tools to build, train, and deploy models.”

Peter Wang, CEO and co-founder of Anaconda, said: “We are committed to helping enterprises secure their open-source pipelines through the ability to use Anaconda anywhere, and that includes inside the Oracle Cloud. By combining Anaconda’s package dependency manager and curated open-source repository with OCI’s products, data scientists and developers can seamlessly collaborate using the open-source Python tools they know and trust—while helping meet enterprise IT governance requirements.”