Oracle CloudWorld 2022 brings “easy reach” technology

Safra | Oracle CloudWorld 2022

With Oracle CloudWorld 2022 all wrapped up until next year, here are a few highlights from the event’s announcements and the exciting new innovations unveiled:

Day one saw the event kicking off with keynotes and presentations from Oracle leaders, including Safra Catz, CEO, and Larry Ellison, co-founder and CTO, with exciting guests, Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA and Red Bull Racing’s Christian Horner, to name a few.

New enhancements to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will help customers and partners manage their infrastructure and applications and allow end users to reap the benefits of the cloud. Customers will now find it simpler to adopt OCI with Oracle Cloud migrations with it being easier to secure OCI and Oracle fusion applications. Customers can also benefit from unified observability and management, easier monitoring of application stacks, and easier disaster protection with OCI Full Stack Disaster Recovery.

Also announced was Oracle Alloy, a new cloud infrastructure platform to enable service providers, integrators, and independent software vendors and other organizations such as financial institutions or telecommunications providers to become cloud providers and roll out new cloud services to their own customers.

NVIDIA and Oracle have expanded their longstanding alliance with a multi-year partnership to help customers solve business challenges with accelerated computing and AI.

Speaking of the partnership, Jensen Huang, CEO and founder of NVIDIA, said: “Accelerated computing and AI are key to tackling rising costs in every aspect of operating businesses. Enterprises are increasingly turning to cloud-first AI strategies that enable fast development and scalable deployment. Our partnership with Oracle will put NVIDIA AI within easy reach for thousands of companies.”

Finally, Oracle has also announced many advancements for the field of healthcare, with innovations to help providers and organizations improve patient care with better financial and operational planning, help organizations improve the employee experience by introducing a specialized HR solution and drive a more connected patient experience with specialized supply chain solutions.

Rick Jewell, executive vice president of applications development, Oracle, said: “When healthcare organizations face supply chain disruptions, it can be a matter of life or death, and that’s why healthcare teams in particular need reliable, efficient, and connected supply chain management systems.

“Connecting inventory and clinical data has the potential to revolutionize how healthcare supply chains operate. With Oracle Cloud SCM, we are delivering new solutions that are purpose-built to give healthcare organizations the supply chain stability and confidence they need to improve patient outcomes.”