Oracle expands range of ‘always free’ cloud resources for developers

image of the Oracle office/ Oracle debuts Compute Cloud@Customer

Oracle has announced the addition of 13 more ‘always free’ services for developers via Oracle Cloud Free Tier, enabling them to try out its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform.

The company launched the ‘always free’ offering for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in September 2019, initially providing services such as compute, storage and Oracle’s autonomous database.

The latest ‘always free’ additions include Ampere A1 compute, autonomous JSON database, NoSQL, APEX application development, logging, service connector hub, application performance monitoring (APM), flexible load balancer, flexible network load balancer, VPN connect V2, Oracle security zones, Oracle security advisor, and OCI bastion.

With the new additions, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure now has 20 free services and resources for developers. The new features complement the existing ‘always free’ services including compute virtual machines (VM), object storage, block storage, load balancing, autonomous data warehouse and autonomous transaction processing service.