Oracle secures the cloud for DoD

image of Oracle headquarters | OCI

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has introduced a new Secure Cloud Computing Architecture (SCCA) for the U.S Department of Defense (DoD).

The solution helps make security compliance and cloud adoption for mission-critical workloads easier, faster and more cost-effective by using a framework of cloud native services.

Oracle Cloud Native SCCA Landing Zone provides a framework for securely running DoD mission workloads and storing Impact Level 2, 4, and 5 data in OCI government regions. The automation provided by the solution enables DoD owners to establish a compliant security architecture in just a few hours or days, instead of months. It uses cloud native infrastructure services, significantly accelerating the time to deployment of mission critical workloads by reducing architecture time and minimizing decision points.

The solution includes baseline configurations, rules and templates that meet DISA Impact Level 2, 4 and 5 accreditation requirements, delivered using a standardized Infrastructure-as-Code template that meets a set of SCCA controls in a simplified and repeatable way. Based on Terraform, OCI Landing Zone allows OCI customers to perform one click, best-practice deployments of multiple Oracle services at once. Customers can launch the templates from the Cloud Native SCCA Landing Zone, answer a few questions about configuration and have an architecture set up on the same day.

The solutions addresses the four primary technical components of the SCCA framework; Cloud Access Point, Virtual Data Center Security Stack, Virtual Data Center Management Service and Trusted Cloud Credential Manager.

Additionally, the Oracle Cloud Native SCCA Landing Zone script and associated technical documentation are provided at no separate or additional charge under a customer’s contract. Underlying consumable cloud services used to stand up Oracle Cloud Native SCCA in a customer’s tenancy may be billable in accordance with the customer’s contract.

Rand Waldron, vice president, OCI global government sector, said: “Oracle Cloud Native SCCA Landing Zone is a game changer for our customers. What we are doing is fundamentally different.

“We still deliver all the capabilities necessary for SCCA completely in native OCI services. Our customers will no longer have to manage multiple licenses, multiple vendor relationships or multiple kinds of security configurations. Our SCCA solution will provide everything the customer needs to stand up an SCCA-compliant workload in the cloud.”