Play it again, Johnny! HPE deliver infrastructure-as-a-service to Australia’s fasting growing podcast platform

Darkened recording room with an expensive-looking microphone taking focus | HCA HPE

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced entertainment company Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) has selected HPE to deliver a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure. The goal is to create a service model that combines the already existing SCA data center with the agility of cloud computing.

The HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform will allow SCA to support customer audio consumption and digital advertizing capabilities. HPE hope this will lead to greater revenue opportunities and a more positive user experience.

The creation of a new technical storage and infrastructure solution, that also aligns with SCA’s new corporate business strategy, is the latest in tech upgrades offered from HPE, having already worked with SCA for the past two decades.

SCA is Australia’s biggest entertainment company with 99 radio stations across 64 markets and 105 TV signals, allowing SCA to reach over 95 percent of the Australian population.After launching LiSTNR in 2020, SCA has nurtured the app into one of Australia’s top commercial podcast networks. Due to the rapid growth of the app and the influx of stored data, SCA required scalability facilitated by HPE and its GreenLake software.

“The HPE GreenLake implementation stemmed from our need to deliver a seamless listening experience across every listening platform,” said Stephen Haddad, chief technology officer, SCA. “We have a unique business model whereby we needed to retain our on-premises data storage capability to facilitate broadcast listening, but also required a solution that can manage infrastructure at scale effectively. Our approach to technology is to work in a reliable and simplified environment, offering the best personalized audio experience, so that we can reach the largest number of people across the country.”

“We’re proud to have delivered a technology solution that has successfully supported SCA’s business objectives and growth trajectory,” said Chris Weber, VP and managing director, south pacific, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.