Podcast 1: Balancing People, Process, and Technology.

Getting the balance right between the People, Process and Technology elements as part of any technology implementation may sound simple by ticking the Communication and Training boxes however what is more important is supporting your employees to change their behaviour, attitudes, and mind-sets.

Unfortunately, insignificant investment in Business change is a common mistake as many organisations believe it is a simple exercise in communication and training provision using traditional methods. 70% of projects fail due to this oversight.

We will provide you with a bespoke Business Change solution that incorporates not only the key enablers of communication and link into the training provision but also effective change support to help your all your key stakeholders to be change ready and confident to use the new system and processes at the point of GO LIVE.

Our approach is based on our combined experiences and insights gained to-date through our extensive Organisational Development (OD) work with our Public Sector clients and underpinned by a research-based change management methodology Prosci.

Wendy Henry, Head of Business Change and Digital Adoption and a Prosci certified consultant talks about change management and readiness in our series of podcasts.

Podcast # 1: What is change readiness?

This session covers what change readiness really means? And that all important question of when should organisations start thinking and planning for effective change readiness?

Download episode 1 below: 

Change Readiness and Its Importance (buzzsprout.com)