Introduction to Embridge Consulting Organisation Development & Business Change Services

At Embridge Consulting, we are always looking at the bigger picture to enable your organisation to learn and grow from your change initiatives, so you are in a better position each time a change is introduced. It is never too early to start planning your change readiness and how you need to support your most important asset, your People.

The moment you identify a good reason to make a change to any aspect that effects how people work within your organisation, be that process, technology, structure or culture, the planning needs to begin. How your employees respond and react to the proposed change cannot be underestimated as real change comes about when individuals in the organisation move effectively from their current state to the desired future state of the organisation.

Insignificant investment in Change Management is a common mistake, as many organisations believe it is a purely an exercise in communication and training during the implementation. What is more important is supporting your people to understand the change and enable them to change their behaviour, attitudes, and mindsets. A recent study by Prosci identified that 70% of projects fail due to this oversight. This highlights just how important it is to take a defined and strategic approach to planning the change, managing the change, and sustaining the change well beyond any GO LIVE date to support the successfully delivery of outcomes.

Successful change management applies the tools and frameworks that will enable your employees to make a change. It helps your people to embrace, adopt, and engage with the new change quickly and proficiently, while minimising the negative impacts of change so you can achieve your organisational results and outcomes.

By investing in our Organisation Development (OD) and Business Change services to support you with your organisational change you are guaranteed to realise an increased return on investment.

We support your decision makers to formulate strong business cases for change, coach your change Sponsors to be the effective and credible in leading the change, work alongside your Project Teams to lead or support change activities, develop your Middle Managers to be the best change advocates for their teams and most importantly support your organisation to realise the benefits you set out to achieve as your employees are motivated to embrace the change.

We will provide you with a bespoke OD & Business Change solution that incorporates key enablers like communication and training as well as effective change support to help your all your key stakeholders to be change ready and confident to engage and adopt the new changes at point of Go Live and beyond.

Our approach described in this document is based on our combined experiences and insights gained to-date through our extensive Organisational Development (OD) work with our Public Sector clients and underpinned by a research-based change management methodology, Prosci. We use the Prosci Change Management Methodology on every customer engagement.

The Prosci Methodology is an enabling framework for managing the people side of change based on years of best practice research. It is made up of the of three main phases and all the deliverables for each phase are incorporated into your project plan, as the integration of change management with project management is one critical success contributor to delivering effective change.


Your challenge?

Are you about to, or already undergoing a significant change in your organisation? Or even starting to realise a change needs to come about?

Do you know how change ready your organisation is or how likely they are going to be able to manage the change?

Are you unsure where to even start considering how a potential change could impact your organisation?

The benefits of using of free change readiness health-check means you can:

  • Sense check how ready your organisation is for a future change, or
  • Use it as a mini diagnostic to see where your project/programme is at in relation to preparing people for the change
  • Assess the need for change management and the business case for it
  • Highlight your current strengths in relation to change and where more support may accelerate your results


Our free service offer

To obtain a copy of our short Change Readiness Health-Check questionnaire please drop us a line at

By completing this questionnaire we can then share the results with you in a free 1-hour consultancy session, and use them to focus the discussion on what you need most in relation to change readiness