Protera unveils digital transformation services on Azure and AWS

stock image of a cloud | Protera AWS Azure

Protera now offers its comprehensive digital transformation services on the Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS Marketplaces. These online platforms, known for their vast range of cloud-based applications and services, enable Protera’s customers to harness the power of Azure and AWS while streamlining deployment and management processes.

Protera’s customized migration planning services cover assessments, strategy development, design, targeted architectures, timelines and validation services. These offerings cater to different stages of transformation, ensuring a seamless modernization journey. Leveraging intelligent automation, Protera simplifies complexity, accelerates timelines and reduces costs associated with critical application migrations compared to traditional methods.

As a trusted leader in cloud modernization, Protera specializes in delivering tailored solutions for enterprises, particularly those maintaining SAP environments. Holding multiple Microsoft specializations and being a certified AWS partner, Protera possesses extensive expertise in Azure and AWS cloud ecosystems. Their digital transformation services empower companies to transition comprehensively, securely and quickly to the Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS platforms, unlocking the productivity benefits of the cloud.

Mike BeDell, CEO, Protera, emphasized their commitment to enabling successful transitions, stating: “The range of Protera services now on the Azure Marketplace provide everything from an initial cloud assessment to a full-fledged, validated migration to a secure and flexible cloud-based environment, allowing us to serve as a partner in modernizing their systems with as little friction as possible.

“Protera will not only optimize the client’s architectures in preparation for a transition to Microsoft Azure, we can also considerably reduce the risks that would otherwise be associated with a complex migration, helping companies more easily achieve the enhanced security, agility and scalability of the Microsoft Azure platform.”

The Azure and AWS Marketplaces serve as centralized hubs for certified cloud solutions. Businesses seeking innovative, cloud-based solutions can easily connect with partners offering ready-to-use offerings, driving seamless adoption and integration.

Protera continues to support enterprises in their cloud migration and optimization efforts amidst the industry shift toward cloud-based applications and consumption models. With their team of AWS Architecture and Application specialists, Protera addresses the complexities of SAP-based environments and provides detailed assessments, optimization strategies and cost-effective solutions.

By simplifying cloud transformation and focusing on achieving tangible business outcomes, Protera ensures a smooth transition for companies embarking on their digital transformation journeys. With deep expertise in both Azure and AWS, Protera contributes to the establishment of technical standards for running SAP on these leading cloud platforms.