PwC announces landmark partnership with OpenAI and Harvey

image of PwC building | PwC and OpenAI

PwC has announced a strategic alliance with OpenAI and Harvey to train and deploy foundation models for tax, legal and HR services.

This strategic alliance will leverage OpenAI’s foundation models, Harvey’s expertise in developing domain-specific models and PwC’s AI capabilities, value-based approach and deep sector expertise.

Together, all three companies plan to create sophisticated foundation models to help accelerate complex tasks and provide richer, more personalized insights for tax, legal and HR professionals.

Having made an exclusive agreement with Harvey earlier this year, this partnership is underpinned by PwC’s adoption of ChatGPT Enterprise for general use within PwC UK. In addition, the collab is set to kick off immediately with specific tax, legal and HR/Workforce AI models expected to be rolled out in the coming months.

Laura Hinton, PwC’s tax, legal and workforce leader, PwC UK, said: “GenAI will be the biggest game-changer for advisory services for a generation. Our consistent investment in a variety of platforms puts us in a strong position to capitalize on the opportunity. Our relationships and capabilities mean we can develop the most sophisticated AI solutions for tax, legal and HR services. This way we can provide greater value and even deeper insights for our clients.”

Brad Lightcap, chief operating officer at OpenAI, said: “We’re eager to build with PwC and Harvey and to help develop advanced AI tools for tax, legal and HR professionals. The alliance will lead to significant advancements in AI technology and offers OpenAI an opportunity to leverage PwC’s and Harvey’s expertise and learn from customers; their insights will be invaluable to making AI more beneficial for everyone.”

Winston Weinberg, co-founder and president at Harvey, said: “Our partnership with PwC and OpenAI represents a significant opportunity to bring the power of AI to the tax, legal and HR industry. We’re looking forward to working together to create innovative solutions that will benefit PwC and its clients.”