Audi and SNP ride into cloud competitiveness

An Audi Yellow Car - SNP SAP cloud

For SAP users, the shift to S/4HANA is integral to keep up with digital innovations, but the looming end of maintenance for older SAP product versions means cloud transformations need to happen faster than ever. Particularly challenging is the migration of critical processes like finance and maintenance logistics to the cloud.

SNP offers tailored solutions to address the unique needs of SAP users, their expertise in application lifecycle management (ALM) and innovative software solutions empowers companies to navigate the migration to S/4HANA with confidence and efficiency.

Audi AG, a leading automotive manufacturer known for its commitment to technological advancement, harnessed SNP’s capabilities to streamline its transition to S/4HANA. By leveraging SNP’s expertise, this success story is an example of how transformation services can establish efficient processes in finance and maintenance logistics while ensuring a smooth and secure migration.

Recognizing the importance of embracing state-of-the-art IT architecture, Audi AG embarked on multiple projects simultaneously in 2023 – aimed at implementing SAP S/4HANA Finance for centralized finance operations and migrating maintenance logistics to the cloud.

However, executing such a comprehensive transformation posed challenges, particularly in terms of ensuring real-time insights into financial health and cash flows and mitigating risks during data migration. This is where SNP’s expertise became invaluable.

SNP’s table-based migration approach and proprietary software enabled Audi AG to select data from existing systems and transition smoothly to the cloud, even amidst year-end closing activities.

Effective collaboration and intensive knowledge sharing between Audi AG and SNP were key in overcoming unexpected hurdles and achieving a successful go-live. By early 2023, both finance and maintenance logistics systems had transitioned to S/4HANA almost simultaneously.

This successful integration not only highlights Audi AG’s commitment to innovation but also positions them to tackle future digital challenges effectively. With SNP’s support, Audi AG is well-equipped to drive its comprehensive transformation program forward and maintain its leadership position in the automotive industry.

Audi AG’s experience shows how SAP users can navigate the transition to S/4HANA with the right partner. Through expertise and innovative solutions, SNP empowers companies to embrace the future of ERP seamlessly – unlocking new opportunities for competitiveness.