Roadmap control and TCO are some of the main drivers for seeking third-party support

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Extracting full value from enterprise software both short-term and long-term is a reality most CIOs and CFOs are grappling with. While software vendors will have their own recommendations and suggestions for integrating business solutions within a firm’s current systems, it’s worth investigating what kind of experience can be gained from seeking out third-party partners. In some cases, the addition of specialized expertise may optimize business value and accelerate innovation projects.

For instance, third parties such as Rimini Street offer support and related services for business-critical systems, often for many years beyond the dates that software vendors offer full support. Acting to unify a host of services, third-party solutions, like Rimini ONE™, aim to provide the means for businesses to operate Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft and other enterprise software to the best of its potential.

A somewhat common occurrence with the ongoing management of enterprise software is the in-house IT team being too busy with the current systems that new projects or innovations take a back seat. For example, Rimini ONE includes Rimini Support™ and Rimini Manage™ and a roster of 1,200 on-staff engineering and service delivery experts to manage and optimize clients’ systems. The point of such an extensive support team is to reduce the stress on in-house IT teams – it can also allow more time to be spent on innovation projects.

Integrating the latest technology into a firm’s software environment could cause a ripple effect introducing unforeseen consequences and incompatibilities. Rimini Connect™, Rimini Street’s interoperability solution, claims to allow organizations to modernize their infrastructure without the need for coding alterations or potentially costly software upgrades. Reducing the number of necessary upgrades can be useful for avoiding disruption to a company’s day-to-day operations.

Sometimes it makes sense to leave the finer details of your technology deployment in the hands of the right expertise. Enlisting the support of a third-party firm can not only offer an ongoing working knowledge of your chosen vendor’s functionality and technology but, also, a readily open partner to bridge those capabilities to your specific operations, business processes and end goals.

Security is also a top-of-mind concern for clients who may be facing business or technical challenges, including the availability of patches for known vulnerabilities, operational downtime and implementation costs. Third-party support can offer services like the Rimini Protect™ portfolio of security services and solutions, which proactively protects against known and unknown (zero-day) threats and vulnerabilities.

Rimini Support can only be as effective as it is because it has Rimini’s patented Case Assignment Advisor AI app to fuel it. An application like the Case Assignment Advisor can address the challenge of identifying and assigning the best engineer(s) to work on a case. This kind of pairing app is possible by integrating multiple data sources and applying machine learning algorithms to normalize and rank engineer skills – as well as filtering the pool based on the rules and constraints driven by business requirements.

Case Assignment Advisor can also recommend an optimal engineer by analyzing more than 40 vectors about a client’s case such as product, module, version, location, language and Rimini engineers’ skill, experience, availability, time zone, caseload and more.

Having a tool like Case Assignment Advisor on hand means service providers can resolve cases much more efficiently. For example, by utilizing the pairing abilities of Case Assignment Advisor, Rimini Street have managed to improve client case resolution times by an average of 23 percent – which in turn contributed to Rimini Street’s overall client satisfaction score of 4.9 out of 5.

For organizations running complex enterprise software, partnering with a third-party provider of support and other services, like Rimini Street, allows business leaders to accelerate extracting value from existing software, while providing peace of mind that the right expertise safeguards their systems and enhances client system operations.