Rubrik and Microsoft collaborate to enhance cyber resilience with AI-powered security solutions

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Rubrik has announced a joint collaboration with Microsoft to integrate Rubrik Security Cloud with Microsoft Sentinel and Azure OpenAI Service. This integration aims to accelerate cyber recovery and boost cyber resilience through the use of generative AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies.

In today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, organizations face increasing challenges in responding to cyber events effectively. According to the Rubrik Zero Labs’ State of Data Security report, only 56 percent of IT and security leaders developed or reviewed an incident response plan in 2022.

This integration offers several benefits for security and IT teams. It enables the streamlining of incident creation, allowing incident response teams to prioritize alerts by automatically generating an incident in Sentinel when anomalous activity is detected in Rubrik Security Cloud.

Additionally, it automates the recommendation of task workstream, suggesting incident response tasks that help IT and security teams investigate incidents more quickly while preserving evidence for forensic purposes.

Furthermore, it accelerates cyber recovery by generating code dynamically for investigating incidents in Microsoft Sentinel, enabling swift reactions from IT and security teams to ensure business resiliency.

The collaboration between Rubrik and Microsoft aims to deliver actionable AI capabilities that reduce the time required to investigate and respond to cyber events, ultimately enhancing overall cyber resilience. By integrating Rubrik Security Cloud with Microsoft Sentinel, organizations can leverage time series data insights and address evolving cyber threats while safeguarding sensitive information.

By leveraging generative AI and large language models through OpenAI, Rubrik and Microsoft are empowering security and IT teams to stay ahead of cyber threats. The use of AI technologies enhances the speed and efficiency of incident response, enabling organizations to identify and stop attacks faster.

Charlie Bell, executive VP of security, compliance, identity and management, Microsoft, said: “Working with Rubrik establishes a counterpoint to the modern threats that our customers are facing and allows organizations to react to incidents more quickly. Through the speed of AI, we believe security defenders will be able to identify and stop attacks faster than ever before.”

The collaboration between Rubrik and Microsoft builds upon their existing strategic relationship, which began with Microsoft’s equity investment in Rubrik in August 2021. The initial integration of Rubrik with Microsoft Sentinel was unveiled in October 2022, and this latest collaboration further enriches their partnership.