Salesforce unveils genAI offerings and Google partnership

Full conference hall with big screens asking "what's next?" | Salesforce Connections

Salesforce has introduced its latest generative AI product offerings, Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT, at its Salesforce Connections 2023 event taking place in Chicago this week.

In addition to this, Salesforce announced it is expanding its partnership with Google Cloud to help businesses utilize data and AI to deliver more personalized customer experiences, better understand customer behavior and run more effective campaigns at a lower cost.

With Marketing GPT, marketers will able to automatically generate personalized emails, smarter audience segments and marketing journeys. Meanwhile, Commerce GPT will enable brands to deliver personalized shopping experiences and customized offers that adapt to customers’ needs.

This announcement follows the company’s launch of Einstein GPT in March, this year and continues Benioff’s goal of “infusing trusted, secure generative AI across our entire product portfolio” that was promised in the company’s recent Q1 earnings call.

Using Marketing GPT and Data Cloud, marketers will access capabilities such as: segment creation, email content creation, segment intelligence for data cloud, rapid identity resolution, segmentation and engagement. Moreover, with Commerce GPT and Data cloud, brands will be able to automate growth and conversion strategies with goal-based commerce, boost merchant productivity with dynamic product descriptions and refine shopping with commerce concierge.

Salesforce partners like DEPTMedia.MonksNeuraFlash, and Slalom are building a generative AI ecosystem with new accelerators, large language and data models and integrations to help businesses implement Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT.

These solutions are slowly being rolled out this summer and are all expected to be generally available by March next year.

David Schmaier, president and chief product officer, Salesforce, said: “Businesses are looking to harness new AI advances and tap into vast troves of data to deliver personalized customer experiences across every interaction. Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT – fueled by trusted and harmonized first-party data – will revolutionize how businesses interact with customers and at the same time dramatically improve employee productivity.”

Vincent Wauter, CEO, Rossignol, said: “Salesforce’s combination of trusted AI, data, and CRM has allowed us to deliver personalized customer engagement for over ten years. We’re excited to leverage the latest innovations from Einstein GPT across marketing, commerce, and service to drive greater efficiency, increase productivity and strengthen customer loyalty.”