SAP has bought the intellectual property of SwoopTalent, a leader in talent data intelligence, in an asset acquisition.

Embedding SwoopTalent’s data and machine learning technology across SAP SuccessFactors solutions will further SAP’s vision of HXM, which prioritises individualised employee experiences and dynamic opportunities that boost engagement, improve organisational agility and ultimately fuel business transformation.

Founded in 2012, SwoopTalent developed an AI-powered platform that combines, analyses and trains data from disparate HR systems and workflows. SAP plans to use SwoopTalent’s technology to strengthen its AI capabilities and provide customers with a holistic and continuously updated view of their people — from skills and capabilities to interests and learning preferences — so they can match employees to internal projects. Several SwoopTalent engineering employees will also join the SAP SuccessFactors team.

Meg Bear, SAP SuccessFactors chief product officer, said: “Delivering individualisation at scale requires a sophisticated, powerful data platform that extends across multiple systems. By making workforce data more reliable and accessible, we can help our customers gain powerful insights about their people to effectively upskill, reskill and redeploy talent and future-proof their business. The founders of SwoopTalent are industry thought leaders with proven expertise using data, machine learning and analytics to elevate HR and make organisations more competitive. We are thrilled to have them join SAP to further our HXM strategy.”

Stacy Chapman, SwoopTalent CEO and founder, added: “Organisations are at a pivotal moment as work is being redefined around agility, purpose and culture. With HXM, SAP has the right vision and strategy to deliver technology that enables individuals to upskill and create a career that aligns to their interests and skills. SAP and SwoopTalent are a great cultural fit and share the same values. We are excited to continue advancing HXM together.”

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