SAP and Boston Consulting Group join forces to drive sustainability

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has unveiled a partnership with SAP to help companies accelerate their journeys to zero waste and zero emissions.

The joint transformation offering will allow companies to identify the business value in sustainability, setting the right climate ambitions and powering an actionable sustainability road map.

To help companies accelerate their net-zero-emissions journeys – with an up to 40 percent emissions reduction potential – BCG and SAP will enable companies to integrate leading-edge, carbon-tracking measurement and intelligence into their core business operations and strategic decision-making.

By combining two solutions in BCG’s CO2 AI and SAP Product Footprint Management, the partnership targets Scopes 1, 2, and 3 via BCG’s CO2 AI as well as an integration into core SAP software through SAP Product Footprint Management.

To help achieve zero waste in supply chains, SAP and BCG will also assess the circularity opportunity in a company’s portfolio across its entire supply chain and product portfolio.

Christian Klein, CEO and member of the executive board of SAP SE, said: “Sustainable businesses will create positive impacts for future generations, but no organization can achieve its sustainability goals alone. Being sustainable requires coordination across the value chain, and this is where SAP’s partnership with BCG plays a key role. Bringing together BCG’s expertise, tools, and services with SAP’s technology gives companies the transparency, actionable data, and strategic guidance they need to successfully tackle end-to-end sustainability and create value for all its stakeholders.”

Christoph Schweizer, CEO of BCG, added: “I firmly believe that an organization’s environmental impact will soon be as important to its key stakeholders as its financial performance. Early movers in sustainability can experience up to 15 years of competitive advantage and a 10% market premium. This is an enormous opportunity for companies around the world. This partnership with SAP will allow our clients to transform at an unprecedented pace.”

The BCG and SAP sustainability venture is currently being piloted, with a broader launch expected in Q3 2022.