SAP announces new AI capabilities for SuccessFactors

The Las Vegas Sphere at the Venetian Hotel : SAP SuccessFactors event held here

At its annual SuccessConnect event at The Venetian Convention Center in Las Vegas, SAP announced that an AI-powered talent intelligence hub and skills framework is now built into the foundation of SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite. With a strategy to build an enterprise AI ecosystem of the future, SAP’s new generation of AI-powered solutions now tackles HR.

AI will span the entire SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management Suite to elevate the employee experience from talent recruitment and internal mobility to learning and performance management and in its own words guide ‘every people decision.’

As part of the larger SAP portfolio, SuccessFactors solutions offers the broadest suite of business applications available, with over 26,000 cloud customers. Access to SAP Business AI technology across multiple scenarios and partner solutions is now available, aiming to allow businesses to remain relevant, reliable and responsible in a constantly changing landscape.

Aaron Green, chief marketing and solutions officer for SAP SuccessFactors at SAP, said: “The AI capabilities within SAP SuccessFactors solutions will enable organizations to put people and their experiences first.

“The collective power of our AI capabilities will help unlock new possibilities for people and for organizations by tapping into new levels of potential, performance and operational efficiency.”

Embedded in SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite, the talent intelligence hub acts as an AI-powered engine for an organization’s entire learning and talent strategy, creating a skills portfolio for each employee in the workforce. With this talent intelligence hub, organizations will have the ability to leverage a single skills model to drive components like recruiting and onboarding, learning and development and performance and succession.

Employees will be able to build and store data about themselves, including aspirations, motivations, styles and preferences. Managers can view, add and update skills and other attribute types for their direct reports, allowing organizations to gain greater visibility into skills coverage and gaps across teams.

Josh Bersin, global HR industry analyst, The Josh Bersin Company, said: “SAP continues to be a leader in the HR tech market. Leveraging SAP’s worldwide footprint and industry depth, the company’s next-generation AI offerings help organizations hire, develop and upskill employees at scale.”

In-person and virtual attendees of SuccessConnect learned more about how SAP is delivering AI-powered solutions for HR as the annual conference brought together business, IT and HR leaders to share successful strategies for creating a future-ready workforce and a profitable business.

At the SuccessConnect event, SAP showcased multiple AI capabilities, all of which will be available by the end of October. This notably included SAP’s latest generative AI copilot Joule and its effect on HR-related tasks, such as time-off requests, names, locations and pronouns. It will have new functionalities available at the beginning of next year, such as clocking in and out and pay statements.