SAP innovation sweep at Sapphire with AI, Green Ledger and Accenture partnership

SAP Sapphire Orlando - Orange County Convention Center

SAP has unveiled a wide range of new developments at this year’s Sapphire in Orlando, including SAP Business AI, Green Ledger and a collaboration with Accenture, amongst other business-ready innovations.

The latest enhancements are said to enable responsible AI to be further built into business solutions, as well as offering ledger-based accounting for carbon tracking and industry-specific networks to aid supply-chain resilience. SAP suggests these developments will help customers transform their business models in the cloud, put sustainability at the center of their operations and boost success amid ongoing change.

For SAP Business AI, additions include more personalized customer engagement, procurement productivity gains and an expansion of organizations’ abilities to find and develop critical talent across workforces. The news follows SAP’s recent partnership expansion with Google, said to advance the use of open data and AI for enterprises.

Aiming to reinvest in the ‘R’ of ERP, SAP’s new Green Ledger will assist companies with actual data for calculating carbon emissions. Designated an accounting system for emissions, companies will be able to manage their environmental impact in a way that’s auditable, transparent and reliable.

An update to SAP Sustainability Footprint Management has additionally been announced, providing a single solution to calculate and manage the full range of corporate, value chain and product-level emissions.

Furthermore, a new enterprise solution, SAP Sustainability Data Exchange, will become part of RISE with SAP and GROW with SAP. The solution allows for a secure exchange of standardized sustainability data with partners and suppliers so they can decarbonize supply chains faster.

Sapphire Accenture news

Also unveiled at Sapphire was the news Accenture and SAP are joining forces to bring immersive services to SAP BTP in order to improve supply chain resilience and sustainability. This new offering gives customers the ability to simulate business scenarios in rich, interactive digital environments before tackling them in the real world.

Accenture will also work with SAP Business Network to bolster the development of a sustainable trading partner network, aiming to increase transparency and visibility across assets and inventory, bringing faster value realization within a global, multitier supply chain network.

More announcements from Sapphire

Across the rest of its portfolio, SAP announced SAP Business Network for Industry as an offshoot from its SAP Business Network, a B2B collaboration platform hosting $4.5tn of trade annually. This offering combines networked supply chains with SAP offerings to ensure customers across consumer products, high tech, industrial manufacturing and life sciences can improve supply chain resilience at pace.

Moreover, advancements in SAP Signavio mean customers can get critical process insights in hours, rather than days, and updates to SAP Integration Suite bring together holistic processes across SAP and other vendor systems, on premise and in the cloud. Plus, new event integration capabilities in SAP’s low-code offering, SAP Build, will enable business experts to trigger automation across all business processes.

Lastly, SAP announced it will be doubling down on the commitment to upskill two million people worldwide by 2025, with new programs to meet the demand for SAP experts across the ecosystem to assist with businesses’ cloud transformations.

Christian Klein, CEO at SAP said: “In a world marked by market disruptions, shifting regulatory landscapes and critical skills shortages, customers continue turning to SAP for the solutions they need to solve their most pressing problems.

“The innovations we’re announcing at SAP Sapphire draw on our rich legacy of responsibly developed, groundbreaking enterprise technology designed with decades of industry and process expertise to ensure our customers thrive, both today and in the future.”