Sapphire builds largest partner citizen consultant developer community with SAP

Sapphire has today announced its intention to create the largest citizen consultant development community in the SAP Channel with SAP Build.

In partnership with SAP, Sapphire has embarked on a program to empower the first one hundred of its SAP consultants across SAP Business One, Business ByDesign, S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Enterprise Performance Management, through education, enablement and innovation initiatives that will create the largest SAP Build enabled community in the SAP Channel.

SAP Build is the next generation of no-code/low-code app development and automation capabilities delivered through the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP).

Targeting to enable its first one hundred consultants by summer 2023 in the art of low code/no code development using SAP’s unique SAP Build technology, Sapphire believes the initiative will unlock the potential of digital transformation to its customers and empower its consultants with the next generation of highly relevant digital transformation skills.

SAP Build was launched in November 2022 as SAP’s low code/no code solution for both app development and automation on the BTP.

Vincent DeLuca, CEO of Sapphire said: “The demand from customers for digital transformation capabilities is outpacing the market’s ability to deliver them. We have moved from customers wanting to simply replace an ERP system with a new approach as they look to us to enable them to tap into the wider outcomes digitization brings.

“Those outcomes are being driven by the adoption of automation, data analytics, or building new low-code application workflows, which are also highly valuable skills we believe every SAP consultant also wants to possess in their personal skills repertoire. Sapphire aims to fast-track the company’s ability to solve pressing business problems for customers and empower our people with valuable skills that keep them ahead of the market.”