SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined: SAP’s Premier Customer Gathering Goes Virtual for a New World

SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP’s premier conference for customers, is going virtual, reflecting how all organizations are adapting business seemingly overnight.

Indeed, what has emerged as COVID-19 impacts companies and economies is the make-or-break value of digital transformation.

“SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined will be more accessible to all customers, partners, and stakeholders in the SAP ecosystem, and we look forward to providing everyone with an amazing end-to-end experience like never before,” said Alicia Tillman, global chief marketing officer at SAP. “With this year’s purely digital event, we want people to bring their curiosity and commitment to innovate together so we can unleash opportunities in this unprecedented business environment.”

Incredible Insights, Immediately Valuable Information

Through a digital program of executive keynotes, customer stories, demos, round tables, and much more, the virtual SAPPHIRE NOW experience is equal parts inspiration, insight, and how-to learning. Experts will address up-to-the-minute business challenges and share practical guidance, drawing examples from market leaders already adapting to business during these challenging times.

Here’s how this virtual experience will unfold over the next months.

SAPPHIRE NOW Unplugged: Launched in April 2020

In a thought leadership series, join SAP hosts and business executives, thought leaders, best-selling authors, well known athletes, and innovators for candid conversations about the future of business and a world that is changing before our eyes. Each short episode will put viewers in the virtual room with luminaries who will share their insights on issues ranging from the future of workplace collaboration to how leaders and managers need to think differently about engaging with their teams to tips for staying our personal best during challenging times.

The diverse line-up will feature an exciting range of speakers including Malcolm GladwellKarlie Kloss, Al Guido, Adam Grant, and more. Learn more about the series here.

SAPPHIRE NOW Vision: June 15

Go on a virtual innovation journey with SAP CEO Christian Klein and other members of the SAP Executive Board, who will showcase how market leaders are not only innovating but charting a path to the future. The line-up of special guests will spotlight customers and partners talking about how they have tapped SAP solutions to address their unique challenges and take advantage of new opportunities to generate real business results.

SAPPHIRE NOW Converge: Starting June 15

During this impressive rolling line-up of live and on-demand digital programming, SAP experts will share company innovations and product road maps while customers industry-wide will spotlight business results using these solutions. Topics will revolve around managing experiences for end-to-end visibility and action across the enterprise, including peopleprocurementcustomers, and finance. Participants will also hear updates on the Business Technology Platform, the company’s portfolio of integrated solutions and technology that speeds up innovation by turning data into business value.

While companies worldwide continue to reinvent how they do business, the virtual digital program for SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined will help participants overcome immediate hurdles and start building a better future now.

May 4, 2020 by Susan Galer