Say hello to Arcwide as BearingPoint and IFS joint venture confirmed

BearingPoint and IFS have entered into a partnership named, Arcwide. The new firm will be launched in April 2022 and expands the successful partnership between BearingPoint and IFS in uniting technology innovation and professional services to help companies accelerate value realization.

Arcwide will provide IFS Cloud deployment and technology services to business leaders in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, and the UK. The venture aims to provide a single unified experience to customers from the point of purchase and help solve complex business challenges accountable for a business’ growth.

BearingPoint is an IFS platinum service partner and 2021 winner of the IFS Growth Partner of the Year award, and 2020 winner of the IFS Global Systems Integrator of the Year award.

Arcwide CEO Philippe Chaniot said: “I am very excited to be at the helm of Arcwide. We have a very clear vision and that is to provide IFS Cloud technology services and business transformation services to business leaders so they can drive growth and success.”

“Unlike other companies, Arcwide provides a single unified experience over the entire customer lifecycle with IFS Cloud, building trust over time and ensuring continuity and value creation with every release.”

IFS chief customer officer Michael Ouissi commented: “BearingPoint has been a strong and successful partner for us, they understand our business and mirror our customers’ focus; expanding our relationship to build capacity was a natural step.”

“Customers can feel very confident that the Arcwide teams will look to build equally strong relationships with them as IFS did.”