ServiceNow acquisition of G2K aims AI crosshairs at retail and beyond

ServiceNow G2K

Service Now, the leading digital workflow company, has announced the signing of an agreement to acquire artificial intelligence (AI) powered platform G2K to transform retail and other industries that interface between digital and physical spaces.

Headquartered in Berlin, G2K’s technology allows organizations to connect real‑time data across storefronts and other physical spaces to give them a complete view of operational data and bring transformation capabilities to an industry in need.

ServiceNow plans to add G2K’s smart IoT technology to the Now Platform, enabling businesses to intelligently action digital and in‑store data with enterprise‑grade workflows.

With many organizations struggling to turn epic amounts of data into impactful actions this is  especially true for retailers who have the unique challenge of managing operations based on a wide variety of digital and in‑store data streams across thousands of stores, employees and customers. Through this acquisition and working in partnership with top retail customers, ServiceNow plans to develop an AI‑powered end‑to‑end workflow solution with G2K’s technology for the retail industry, with the flexibility to apply to other industries like transportation, healthcare, entertainment and manufacturing in the future.

G2K’s technology gives retailers the ability to connect real‑time data across storefronts and other physical spaces and uses AI to translate that data into insights that allow organizations to take action. G2K can help businesses plan inventory based on demand, improve on‑site customer experiences, address in‑store maintenance or other mechanical issues and increase employee productivity. By integrating these end‑to‑end physical capabilities within the Now Platform, ServiceNow becomes one of the only leading companies providing enterprise‑grade retail workflows, enabling businesses to seamlessly bridge the physical world into a digital workflow platform.

“ServiceNow is relentlessly focused on co‑creating the future of work with our customers,” said Karel van der Poel, senior vice president and general manager at ServiceNow. “Retail is just the beginning. This acquisition allows ServiceNow to create even greater simplicity and efficiency for our customers’ growing needs across any industry, from manufacturing and supply chain to transportation and entertainment.”

Omar El Gohary, chief technology officer and co‑founder at G2K, said: “Many retailers are turning to a range of AI point solutions to help reshape retail experiences for employees and customers alike, but this results in fractured operations across the enterprise.”

“Together, G2K and ServiceNow will realize a connected vision for our customers and help transform the world of work for retail and beyond – and we couldn’t be more excited about it.”