ServiceNow helps Bordeaux Métropole go eco-friendly

saving energy / ServiceNow partner Bordeaux Métropole leads strategy for digital transformation

ServiceNow has announced that Bordeaux Métropole is leading an innovative strategy for digital transformation to support citizens in the French city with housing, transport and carbon usage.

Bordeaux Métropole’s relationship with ServiceNow began in 2016 when the French Metropolis decided to implement the ServiceNow ITSM platform to establish a new standardized regional information system. This included more than 1,600 consolidated digital services and a call center that optimizes agents’ digital activities, and now provides immediate year-round responses to users’ IT requests.

This time, Bordeaux Métropole has chosen to work with ServiceNow partner, Aguaro, and its app My IT Footprint. The app enhances the ServiceNow platform that Bordeaux has implemented, by placing carbon footprint issues at the center of the day-to-day management of digital services.

Because of this, it is now possible to assess the environmental impact of all equipment used in the communes as well as other activities that generate greenhouse gas emissions. Metrics can cover key areas such as maintenance services or distance traveled transporting equipment between sites.

Bordeaux Métropole has also set up a ServiceNow service portal to engage users in the principles of carbon reduction, and they also now offer other digital responsibility initiatives, such as Digital Clean-up Days in partnership with the recycling and reconditioning company at EcoMicro.

Matthieu Poulard, co-founder of Aguaro, said: “One benefit for Bordeaux Métropole is that it can build on the investments already made in the ServiceNow platform by automating many of the processes associated with its services.”

“Staff have access to data with a high degree of granularity as the application is linked directly to the source data. This is essential for identifying savings opportunities and making the results more reliable.”

Jean-Noël Olivier, CIO, Bordeaux Métropole, said: “Since the outset of our digital transformation in 2016, ServiceNow’s platform has been supporting both digital services management and importantly, with the extended partnership with Aguaro, enabling the monitoring of our carbon footprint from one year to the next.”