Snow Software unveils technology optimizations enhancements after achieving Oracle Java SE verification

Technology Optimizations

Snow Software recently achieved verification as a third-party tool vendor for Oracle Java SE, complementing the earlier verification received for Oracle Fusion Middleware from Oracle’s GLAS group. On the back of this achievement, Snow Software additionally introduced several technology optimizations enhancements and features to its offerings.

With this achievement, Snow completes its verification for the entire suite of Oracle products, enabling customers to utilize Snow’s software asset management solution for comprehensive data collection, verification and insights into their Oracle investments, spanning Java SE, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database and Oracle Database Options.

The verification ensures that Snow’s raw measurement data has been thoroughly vetted by Oracle, providing organizations with the confidence to submit their data directly to Oracle.

One of the new key technology optimization enhancements to Snow SaaS Management is the user-centric optimization feature, which enables organizations to identify top SaaS consumers based on the total monthly cost of SaaS applications per user. By sorting the data, organizations can pinpoint users with the highest SaaS spend and delve into additional information such as all applications in their environment, monthly costs per application, discovery methods and user activity.

Snow additionally addressed the authentication challenges of Salesforce connector. With token-based authentication, users will now be able to aggregate important licensing and user activity data from Salesforce, even when the account has enabled multi-factor authentication. This enhancement ensures a seamless data aggregation process, facilitating optimization efforts and maximizing the value derived from Salesforce subscriptions.

Additionally, Snow Cloud Cost unveiled new capabilities for improved cloud cost allocation and deeper insights. With the ‘Business Mapping for Kubernetes’ feature, organizations can now define business units based on Kubernetes resources, facilitating accurate cost allocation.

The latest updates to Snow Cloud Cost also provide deeper details on containers, offering comprehensive reports on virtual machine (VM) costs with Azure services, separate breakdowns of VM and storage costs with Azure services, and a detailed Kubernetes view for AWS with CPU and memory breakdowns. Furthermore, organizations can benchmark themselves against their Azure memory consumption using new memory data points, including utilization graphs, average used and available memory, memory GB size and memory utilization.

When discussing Snow’s implementation of new enhancements, Christian den Boer, Product Director at Snow, said: “Pre-emptively monitoring technology investments is crucial for any organization navigating the current macroeconomic climate.”