Snowflake launches manufacturing data cloud to defrost silos

Snowflake Manufacturing Data Cloud

Snowflake has announced the launch of Manufacturing Data Cloud, which enables companies to unlock the value of siloed industrial data and allows for secure collaboration with partners, suppliers and customers.

Built upon Snowflake’s Data Cloud and supporting virtually any scale of storage, compute and users, the new manufacturing data cloud allows manufacturers in the automotive, technology, energy and industrial sectors to break down data silos. The solution will ingest data from both operational technology and IT systems and analyze it alongside third-party partner and Snowflake Marketplace data.

Leveraging SQL and Snowpark, Snowflake’s developer framework for Python, Java and Scala, teams will be able to collaborate on the same data and build AI and ML models to forecast demand and enable critical use cases. Organizations will be able to build a data foundation, improve supply chain performance and power smart manufacturing initiatives.

The data cloud will be bolstered by Snowflake’s ecosystem of partners, including applications developed by Blue Yonder, Elementum, and Avetta, handing manufacturers additional control tower, data-driven workflow and risk management tools.

Marketplace partners such as FourKites and Yes Energy will also enable live access to data sources to analyze ESG, supply chain disruptions and market forecasts through Snowflake’s privacy-preserving collaboration technology.

Fivetran, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Tableau will provide integrations and out-of-the-box solutions, and Deloitte, LTIMindtree and phData will offer pre-built solutions for integrating yield analysis, shop floor visibility, energy management and supply chain visibility.

Speaking to ERP Today, Tim Long, global head of manufacturing, Snowflake, said: “Manufacturers are trying to create efficiencies in ways that require data, and that data is often in their supply chains as well as inside the factory. Snowflake has built an edge-driven solution that brings all data together. It is enabling some incredible improvements to manufacturing efficiency and product quality by leveraging some of our newest capabilities specific to data collaboration, data science and AI.

“It’s extremely rewarding to see how excited our partners are to lean into Snowflake, to build solutions that accentuate Snowflake’s strengths and see us as a means for their success as well. Snowflake is the best platform to build a data foundation, being able to bring data from all enterprise and shop floor systems in near real time to the cloud, where you have essentially unlimited horsepower to analyze and create an integrated view. It’s hard to compete with how easy that is to do.”