Snowflake to acquire SnowConvert to storm legacy migrations

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Snowflake has signed a definitive agreement to acquire SnowConvert, the premier suite of tools for efficiently migrating databases to the Data Cloud, from Mobilize.Net.

The SnowConvert toolkit has been a preferred solution for migrating customer workloads to Snowflake, using automation technologies that reduce the need for manual coding and help ensure migration projects are successful.

After successfully converting more than 1.5bn lines of code with SnowConvert, the toolkit has proven to significantly reduce migration effort and greatly improve the speed of migrating legacy databases to Snowflake through the built-in analysis capabilities at a data-type and procedure level, as well as matching to Snowflake native types.

Additionally, SnowConvert’s ability to convert workloads written in Scala and Python will make it easy to transfer that code to Snowflake’s Snowpark developer environment.

Ted Brackin, Snowflake VP of professional services, said: “One of our key objectives at Snowflake is to make it as fast and simple as possible for our customers and partners to unlock value from data. For many organizations, that starts with the efficient migration of their legacy databases and applications to the Data Cloud.

“With the acquisition of SnowConvert, we can help more customers, partners, and more broadly our Snowflake partner network, move more data and applications into the Data Cloud, enabling customers to obtain faster value from their investment in Snowflake sooner.”

Tom Button, chairman and CEO at Mobilize.Net, said: “To ensure organizations can monetize all their data and generate the insights and services that differentiate their businesses, they need the speed and flexibility that a modern data platform provides.

“By joining forces with Snowflake, customers will have seamless access to the premier suite of tools for migrating their data to Snowflake’s platform, so they can tap into the speed and agility of the Data Cloud sooner.”