Syspro smooths out supply chain blemishes for skincare brand

image of cocoa butter | Syspro and ET Browne

Supply chains around the globe are facing ongoing pressures from shipping lane issues to changing market regulations. While the complexities spurred by Covid-19 have slowly begun to die down, industries are now facing new challenges including labor shortages, rising costs and fresh sustainability regulations to abide by. 

Effective supply chain management ensures businesses run smoothly and efficiently and when processes aren’t up to scratch a company’s planning and managing resources are unable to keep up with customer demands. But meeting customers’ needs relies on an agile, flexible and strategically automated supply chain. To manage its own supply chain, skincare company, ET Browne Drug Co, has chosen global ERP provider, Syspro, to smooth out its business processes. 

The skincare provider is leveraging Syspro ERP to reduce its inventory by 22 percent to enable the company to grow profits by 113 percent on revenue growth of 7 percent year-on-year.

Having upgraded to the latest version of Syspro ERP in 2023, ET Browne was able to align the business to fully leverage Syspro’s material requirements and planning capabilities. More specifically, ET Browne took advantage of additional capabilities in Syspro to gain better visibility and control over inventory and the supply chain, enabling the company to predict demand, understand how fulfilling the anticipated sales pipeline would affect production schedules and anticipate the peaks in demand.

By leveraging Syspro ERP’s demand forecasting and supply chain management capabilities, the skincare giant has created a just-in-time inventory system, aiming to reduce the amount of raw materials and products the company has on hand. In addition to this, ET Browne plans on leveraging Syspro to combat emerging challenges, one of the most pressing – the need to use recycled materials in packaging to meet consumer, distributor and governmental demands.

Brian Rainboth, CEO, Syspro Americas, said: “Syspro ERP provides much more than just financial management.

“Our platform empowers mid-market manufacturers to create accurate demand forecasts, project exactly how much raw material they’ll need to order and how much product they need to make to meet demand. We’re proud to celebrate 25 years with ET Browne and look forward to enabling future growth and profitability as the company deploys additional capabilities with the Syspro platform.”

Pieter Goes, vice president of IT and BI, ET Browne, said: “We’ve successfully relied on SYSPRO for more than a quarter century while both growing and aligning our business to take advantage of the enhancements of the platform.

“After bringing in Syspro to do native demand forecasts, we were able to better evaluate key markets and key customers, enabling our forecasting and capacity planning to be much more accurate. As a result, we can achieve a fill rate greater than 95 percent and are able to process our purchase orders much sooner, resulting in better supply. With these results, people trust the system’s capabilities and really work within it. The outcomes speak for themselves.”

While external factors can affect a company’s manufacturing supply, companies across the globe must adapt to ever-mounting pressures that may be affecting their end users. Staying sharp and agile is the key to a company’s supply chain success and leveraging sophisticated ERP solutions to manage their supply chain.