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Ten things great manufacturers won’t do
This briefing by Global Shop Management lists the ten things the best manufacturers try not to do and how their business has succeeded amid the challenges in keeping a modernized ERP.
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Case Study: Automating and accelerating SAP system separation and consolidation
One of the key objectives for many organizations is to modernize their IT strategy to enable and drive intelligent business. In this customer story, you learn about how BP (British Petrol) and SNP were able to streamline BP's systems and data including within its SAP landscape.
CloudBolt drives ‘cloud ROI’ with augmented FinOps
CloudBolt styles itself as the cloud ROI company – a statement that it brands with an appropriately bold trademark™. The company pledges to be ‘singularly focused’ on solving the most pressing problem with cloud today i.e. increasing return on investment...
ERP Today Live! with Axelor
Laith Jubair, founder and CEO of Axelor talks low-code technology and democratized ERP. How can we best democratize software tools? 
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Charting an Automated Course through the S/4HANA Labyrinth
S/4HANA migration uses large amounts of time and effort from already stretched IT teams so automation is integral to successful cloud journeys.
Ligentia joins Servicenow partner program
ServiceNow to acquire UltimateSuite to enhance its Now platform
ServiceNow has announced the acquisition of UltimateSuite to enhance process mining and intelligent automation across its Now Platform. 
Email notifications : automation conexiom invoicing SAP
Conexiom: connecting SAP users with email invoicing automation
Companies looking to automate invoicing would benefit from a solution that has automation tools in one place and, importantly, is cloud-based.
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These advances in test automation could change everything for your ERP
While every new platform promises to “maximize efficiency” and “streamline processes,” it’s often a process of trial-and-error to find what really works. The cloud is exploding and test automation, as well as AI, are rising up to meet the world’s QA demands.
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How the cost-of-living crunch is pushing organizations to get into shape
Due to the combination of inflationary pressures and the cost-of-living crisis, organizations need to assess how they can get into shape.
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UiPath unlocks AI capabilities with new automation offerings
UiPath has announced its latest AI-powered automation features that accelerate customers’ ability to discover, automate and operate automations at scale through generative AI and specialized AI.
Futureproofed workforce
The Automation Economy is shaping a futureproofed workforce
Employees are wondering what the future of work has in store for them. Business leaders are wondering which skills and tech to invest in.
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Unit4 goes low-code with new App Studio
Unit4 has announced the general availability of App Studio, a new feature within the Unit4 Extension Kit that will help customers to streamline their development and automation efforts.
Mining automation ethics
Big Miner: the hot potato in automation ethics
Intelligent automation is the hot potato every business wants to grab. But what will businesses need to consider to ensure data privacy for employees? And how long before hands are burnt as automation technology moves faster than ethics?
ERP Today Live! with Sapphire & Aspen Pumps Group
In this ERP Today Live! session we explore automation with a customer story revolving around UK business Aspen Pumps Group.
Introducing PSA: productivity and profit, despite rising costs
Neil Davidson, regional vice president EMEA and APAC at Deltek, discusses how professional services can boost productivity and profit through choosing the right system, despite rising costs.
Jay Snyder | UiPath and Neostella
UiPath targets midmarket with Neostella partnership
Enterprise automation vendor, UiPath, has announced an enhanced diamond partnership with Neostella, to provide flexible automation investment and usage models for midmarket businesses.
Imagine 2022 Automation Anywhere Mihir Shukla CEO
Automation Anywhere citizen dev launch: “Automation to a billion more workers”
Automation Anywhere CEO on the breadth of new software enhancements to keep ‘humans in the loop’ of intelligent automation. Word of the new automation success platform features came today at the automation provider’s Imagine 2022 conference in New York City.
Automation and arresting Robocop’s drug dealer
20 trucks were parked outside the warehouse. I’d single-handedly stopped the business from supplying the UK’s loo rolls.
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Over 90 percent of businesses report surge in automation demand
A new study from Salesforce and Vanson Bourne has revealed business demand for automation has surged and now spans multiple departments in a bid to accelerate efficiency and productivity due to macroeconomic uncertainty. Commissioned by Salesforce, the global survey of...
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Automation: a lifeline for businesses during COVID
New research from Deloitte has found that two thirds (68 percent) of business leaders used automation...