Image of lit-up cubes on stage / Boomi World 2024 reveals new innovations
Boomi World 2024 unveils AI innovations for businesses
Boomi's CEO Steve Lucas aims to accelerate innovation in the AI economy, and does so via introducing AI Agent Framework and Trusted Data Management.
Boomi CEO Steve Lucas | Integration is Innovation
Integration is Innovation
Boomi CEO Steve Lucas on being inspired by connecting the world and why AI transformation can only happen with your data house in order.
a photograph of a stressed out woman sitting by the office desk with her hands crossed on her face. AI and analytics
Simply put, your ERP system can’t do AI analytics
Two technologies you hear most about today are “analytics” and “AI.” Both hold great promise for how to get the most out of your organization’s data: analytics for deriving value from all the detailed information that surrounds you, and artificial...
Infographic: How Boomi supports ERP modernization
Learn the five key areas where an integration and automation platform can ensure your success from this infographic by Boomi.
SAP legacy lochs : A picture of a Scottish lake or loch
Streamlining Legacy Lochs: A Critical First Step Towards Modernization
Scottish Water's transition from on-premises legacy systems to a cloud-first approach, powered by Boomi is something SAP users resonate with.
Person sitting on the floor reading instructions surrounded by tools, parts and pieces of wood | composable ERP.
Composable ERP: Some assembly required
Matt McLarty discusses the what and why of composable ERP, so you're not left looking with frustration at an ordeal of scattered parts.
Hands typing on a keyboard placed on a desk
Boomi Platform automates SAP cloud migration complexity
A common problem when migrating to the cloud is dealing with slow manual processes with no real integrations.
Boomi: democratized innovation through automation
In a recent partner webinar, SAP partner Boomi spoke about the importance of democratized innovation and its enablement through automation.
Top-down view of a city skyline, showing multiple skyscrapers, a river running-through and a lovely sunset | Boomi
Preventing business boondoggles with Boomi
The already pressing need for organizations to transform their operations to stay competitive exploded into an “or else” during the pandemic. Companies suddenly had to provide digital access to anywhere, anytime services.
View of a dark cityscape looking skywards, with multiple, dark skyscrapers | Boomi
Maintain first place with enterprise automation
New technology and the widespread adoption of digital solutions have revolutionized how businesses operate, connect with customers and optimize their processes. It has become increasingly clear that leveraging technology is a necessity for sustained success.
A high-rise view of several skyscrapers, with a desk and stools accompanied by a laptop and a tall plant | Boomi
Elevating Workday ERP with Boomi and Huron
Having proper data governance and preparation can prevent errors, duplicate data and inefficiencies, but this can be difficult to achieve without the right tools and partners in place to elevate your ERP implementations.
Tibidabo Barcelona Spain : Boomi
Bienvenido Boomi! Dozens of jobs created as Boomi expands to Barcelona
Boomi, a global software as a service (SaaS) company continues its global expansion into Barcelona, Spain bringing dozens of jobs to the city.
Larry Quinlan, Boomi
Boomi board appoints Larry Quinlan as director
Boomi has appointed former Deloitte CIO, Larry Quinlan, as an independent, non-executive member of its board of directors.
Boomi Says Roomy Is Groovy, But Composable ERP Needs Connectivity
Cloud-based integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) company Boomi has had a fairly tempestuous adolescence in the 21 years it has walked this earth. The company has been variously acquired (by Dell) and then focused on its own sub-brand acquisitions before then being...
IFS partners with Boomi
IFS has announced a new partnership with Dell Technologies company, Boomi...