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AI-driven analytics can change the way you use your data
Data is at the heart of the success of any modern enterprise. However, the recent exponential growth of business data has been accompanied by an equally drastic increase in complexity: more processes, ever-multiplying data sources, and a constant march toward...
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Cleaning up the data swamp
In a world amassing a colossal amount of data, how are we wading through the swamp? Beyond dumping our data somewhere, it also needs to be handled and put to good use.
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The big clean up: welcome to data clean rooms
Data clean rooms are allowing multiple parties to combine and analyze their data in a protected environment.
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Struggling with data silos? Know more about unified data model
Making the most of data and insights tools requires you to take a long, hard look at your data culture and break the silos and efficiencies in your data stack.
Ensuring data quality with Oracle Planning: a guide
Ensuring data quality with Oracle Planning: a guide
The good news is that starting the process to improve your data quality is easier than you think.
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Don’t let inflation deflate your business
Inflation is at its highest rate in 40 years. As costs rise, every penny we spend gets scrutinized. Businesses need cost/benefit analyses and to determine the potential ROI of investments.
Deloitte and Google Cloud team up to support public sector
Deloitte and Google Cloud are expanding their alliance to develop new solutions and services to help public sector organisations drive digital transformation...