HR Tech Con and Expo Europe 24: AI, people analytics and an improved user experience

a group of people sitting around a wooden desk in a collaborative meeting, photo taken behind a glass wall | HR Tech Con and Expo 2024

Last month’s HR Technology Conference and Exposition 2024 was where HR experts and professionals showcased the latest innovations in HCM technology and discussed how the landscape of HR systems would change in the coming year. ERP Today spoke with CMO of SplashBI, Marc Ramos, to delve into what he got most excited by at the conference. SplashBI, a leading name in business analytics, offers an HR solution steeped in the art of people analytics.

Ramos was quick to mention the discussions around AI in the analytical arena. “It continues to be a hot topic. The areas of interest that folks want to learn about, in terms of short term and long term, can impact individuals, companies and strategies.”

But beyond marketing fluff, where are firms currently on the AI journey when it comes to HR and HCM? For Ramos, it’s a mixed bag. The CMO shared that many firms are midway through their HR transformation journey already and are wondering how to use AI to lend a competitive advantage. Others meanwhile are still leaning on a wait-and-see attitude to determine whether or not a GenAI-enhanced solution is worth it.

“There’s still a lot of folks that are trying to understand how it’s going to play out,” he said. “I think the interest and the capabilities span all levels, and many are proactively looking to leverage AI to recruit better. Folks are eager for education. Companies want to know how they can understand [AI] and leverage that within strategies of employee engagement, recruitment and so forth.”

Speaking of recruitment, Ramos eagerly shared just how much AI will restructure how organizations handle their talent, specifically by relying on people analytics. “If an organization can accelerate and identify not only the best recruiting channels, but where that best talent is coming from and where to continue to invest […] they’ll be able to identify and fill those positions faster with the greatest talent.”

On how the user experience will be affected by the inclusion of GenAI, Ramos said: “It allows folks to leverage and use their data across the entire enterprise faster. There’s always been a need for insights for reporting. How do we use this data that’s available to us? In years past, a lot of that was manual configuration.”

“At an organizational level,” Ramos concluded, “and not just from a people perspective but also from a monetary perspective, I think solutions or applications technologies that include generative AI will allow organizations to move faster.”

Regarding the reluctance to adopt AI-powered solutions, Ramos shared a small seed of inspiration for everyone who is still uncertain regarding adoption in their suite.

“The conversations are the same globally. The pains that folks are feeling in Europe are very similar to the pains folks are feeling here in the US and South America. An understanding of that will help organizations excel into the future. Don’t be afraid – it’s OK to learn, so embrace it.”