a man in a blue blazer and checked white shirt looks at the graphs in a white tablet on an office desk | Nextworld revenue system concept
How R&R Millwork streamlined revenue and customer satisfaction
For more than 22 years, R&R Millwork used a legacy version of Sage which led to the development of time-consuming, manual workarounds.
a photo of a plant growing out of a glass with coins | financial system concept
How Velociti transformed its financial system with ease and flexibility
When using a legacy financials system, Velociti faced constraints and manual functions. Soon, the company decided it is time for change.
A man sitting in front of computer monitor in an office | Kyriba liquidity network concept
ICD joins the Kyriba liquidity network to help clients gain control
Kyriba has announced that ICD joined its liquidity network to create a seamless, end-to-end workflow for clients to gain control over their liquidity management and investment processes.
a woman in a white shirt and blue blazer sits at the work desk with a laptop looking through papers | Kyriba APIs finance
Ten things you need to know about APIs for treasury
APIs continue to be one of the most talked about technologies, as finance leaders look to make their treasury and payments operations more real-time and responsive to market volatility.
group of co-workers sitting at a desk in front of computers | Kyriba API treasury concept
How API and ERP integrations are transforming corporate treasury
Adopting API technology to integrate ERP systems with treasury systems is a transformative step for corporate treasury management.
illustration of financial security
Webinar: AI for ERP Bank Connectivity: The Good, The Bad and The Scary
Payments fraud continues to be a threat to business leaders and advances in technology are only making it harder to prevent. Build connective tissue between your payments systems to improve defenses at machine speed by leveraging technologies such as APIs and AI to connect payments data , delivering data and compliance checks in real time.
two women near tables in a salon with tablets | Sage suites launch
Sage launches suites to drive growth for accountants and small businesses
Sage has launched two new suites, Sage for Accountants and Sage for Small Business, to transform how SMBs and accountancy practices operate and grow their business in the UK and Canada. 
image of money in different currencies | Paystand unlocks seamless finance integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365
Paystand unlocks finance integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365
Paystand, a B2B payment solutions provider, has brought full payments integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Case study: Finance process automation with ProcessSense
Rossera ProcessSense enables greater finance self-service via a single digital platform powered by Oracle OCI, providing a seamless experience with the core ERP. Read more about this solution.
SAP S/4HANA takes over BT Group’s finance transformation
BT Group will now run SAP S/4HANA to support its 'Making Finance Brilliant' finance transformation initiative.
image of coins falling
Google Cloud and Moody’s boost financial operations
Google Cloud and Moody’s Corporation have announced a new strategic partnership to help Moody’s customers and employees leverage new LLMs.
abstract image | Finance
How finance becomes a ‘value’ department
The finance department of today is evolving to become a more holistic and more human workflow and customer outcomes-driven entity.