A view inside the IBM Quantum System One, a programmed computer that uses quantum circuits | Quantum
Quantum creeps closer – ready or not?
Will quantum computing decrypt all our secrets in the next decade? IBM, Deloitte and Accenture security and quantum compute experts think so.
image of satellite over planet Earth with northern lights in the sky | IBM and Ubotica
IBM takes off with space AI company Ubotica Technologies
IBM has announced a partnership with Ubotica Technologies to simplify the process for developers to deploy AI applications securely and rapidly to satellites and generate insights from data on the edge in space.
Artificial intellgence-powered autonomous lab showing wires and related technology | IBM generative AI
IBM advances watsonx with generative AI enhancements
IBM has unearthed plans for new generative AI foundation models and enhancements coming to watsonx – its AI and data platform.
image of black and white surveillance cameras | IBM
IBM changes face with $70m UK Gov recognition software deal
IBM has signed a five-year contract with the UK Home Office to support its biometric system for law enforcement and immigration services.
A human hand working on a project while 3 ghostly AI hands help out : IBM Salesforce
IBM and Salesforce collab to rally businesses toward AI adoption
IBM and Salesforce collaborate to help businesses accelerate the adoption of AI for CRM to enhance customer experiences and safeguarding data.
image of colourful code on a black background | watsonx Code Assistant for Z
IBM to aid developers with GenAI in watsonx Code Assistant for Z
IBM has introduced watsonx Code Assistant for Z, a new generative AI-assisted product to enable faster translation of COBOL to Java on IBM Z and enhances developer productivity on the platform.
Image of Microsoft building
IBM and Microsoft expand collaboration with GenAI offering
IBM and Microsoft expand their partnership in order to accelerate the deployment of generative AI and provide a new offering called the IBM Consulting Azure OpenAI Service.
A face of a llama | Is Zuckerberg winning “the wrestling match” with Musk and ChatGPT
Is Zuck winning the AI cage fight versus Musk and ChatGPT?
While Zuckerberg’s Llama 2 is the new kid on the block, is it really a threat to ChatGPT and how will it compete against Musk’s xAI?
Image of stacked coins/ IBM looks to acquire Apptio for $5bn
IBM closes $5bn Apptio deal
IBM is rumoured to want to acquire Apptio, which could be beneficial as it is a big player in helping companies manage what they spend on technology, an area IBM has been seeking to grow in.
Actual NASA image of earth from the side. IBM
IBM and NASA’s lifts off on Hugging Face for climate mission
In the face of climate change, data is more important than ever. IBM and NASA hope can drive Earth science innovation.
image of green rainforest | IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator
IBM adds sustainability numbers with IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator
IBM has expanded its sustainability portfolio with the launch of its IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator which aims to help enterprises track GHG emissions across cloud services and advance their sustainability performance throughout their multicloud journeys.
IBM logo on a computer | IBM Q2 results
IBM Q2 results top earnings estimates with Red Hat wins – but revenue falls
IBM has released its second quarter results with earnings exceeding analysts’ estimates, but revenue missed the mark.
an abandoned building covered in clouds
Off with their head! Why more tech firms are ditching their HQs
An increasing number of tech companies are abandoning the traditional HQ in favor of becoming “headquarter-less”, post-pandemic.  
Stock image of blue banking/automation | IBM and Truist
Truist Financial Corp banks IBM Quantum Accelerator program
IBM has announced that Truist Financial Corp will join the IBM Quantum Accelerator program in addition to welcoming IBM to the bank’s Innovator in Residence program.
Image of graduation caps/Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has the honours of housing an IBM Quantum System One
RPI has the honors of housing an IBM Quantum System One
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is the first university to own an IBM Quantum System One, in hopes that it will enhance the educational experiences and research capabilities of students at RPI, subsequently accelerating New York’s growth as a technology epicenter. 
IBM Think logo in abstract colours | IBM watsonx FYI
IBM paints a brighter future for creatives with FYI collaboration
IBM has entered into a new collaboration with and FYI (Focus Your Ideas) to leverage the power of generative AI for creatives.
Image of Adobe on a tablet/IBM and Adobe expand partnership for next-gen AI implementation
IBM and Adobe expand partnership for next-gen AI implementation
IBM has announced plans to expand its longstanding partnership with Adobe for the purpose of helping brands to successfully accelerate their content supply chains through the implementation of next-generation AI. 
image of quantum computer | Quantum computing
IBM discovers breakthrough findings for quantum computing
IBM has announced a new breakthrough for the company, demonstrating that quantum computers can produce accurate results at a scale of 100+ qubits reaching beyond leading classical approaches.
SAP and IBM to create new business splash for Diageo beverages
Diageo, the maker of Guinness, Smirnoff and Johnnie Walker, partners with SAP and IBM to launch a five year digital transformation program.
abstract image of a brain | IBM watsonx
IBM rethinks AI with IBM watsonx
Announced at its annual Think conference, IBM has introduced IBM wastonx, a new AI and data platform to be released that will enable enterprises to scale and accelerate the impact of advanced AI with trusted data.
image of Robot | IBM and SAP
IBM and SAP join forces on milestone AI collaboration
IBM Watson will be embedded into SAP solutions to provide new AI-driven insights and automation to help accelerate innovation and create more efficient and effective user experiences across the SAP solution portfolio.
science image | IBM and Moderna
IBM and Moderna collaborate to deliver next-gen technologies
IBM has entered into an agreement with Moderna Inc, a biotechnology company pioneering messenger RNA (mRNA) therapeutics and vaccines.
Arvind Krishna CEO of IBM | IBM first quarter
IBM shows steady growth for first quarter 2023
IBM has released its first quarter 2023 results with a current revenue of $14.3bn, up 0.4 percent, up 4.4 percent at constant currency, demonstrating steady growth for the company.
image of IBM building | Siemens and IBM
Siemens and IBM team up to accelerate sustainable product development
Siemens Digital Industries Software and IBM are expanding their long-term partnership by collaborating to develop a combined software solution. 
abstract image of quantum computing | EY and IBM
EY and IBM level up quantum computing capabilities
EY Global Services Limited will be joining the IBM Quantum Network, in an expansion of the two companies partnership.
Oracle Trending Topics – Episode 3 Redefining talent retention: trends in employee experience
Oracle Trending Topics episode on how to help your talent connect, grow and thrive – and you to reduce employee turnover.
image of tree sapling | Sustainability
Small steps towards big sustainability goals
Rob Churchyard, global Oracle practice leader at IBM on the journey to sustainability: small steps to reach the end goal.
Congresswoman Shontel Brown (OH-11), Dario Gil, IBM SVP and Director, Research, Gary Cohn, IBM Vice Chairman, Lt. Governor of Ohio Jon Husted, Tom Mihaljevic, M.D., Cleveland Clinic CEO and President, Mayor of Cleveland Justin M. Bibb, and Susan Monarez, Ph.D., Deputy Director, Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) in front of IBM Quantum System One at Cleveland Clinic Main Campus | IBM Quantum System One
IBM deploys first-of-its-kind quantum system for healthcare
IBM have unveiled the first deployment of an onsite private sector IBM-managed quantum computer in the US.
image of forest | EY and IBM
EY and IBM go green with ESG transformation collaboration
EY and IBM have joined forces in a global collaboration to focus on ESG solutions to help organizations accelerate business transformation with value-led sustainability.
The birth of fusion teams
How fusion teams speed up business transformation initiatives and reduce the barrier between IT and the rest of the business.