Lemongrass cloud symbol on a digitized blue background.
Lemongrass lets you move SAP environments with ‘near-zero’ downtime
Lemongrass has unveiled LCP Migrate, designed to help companies move SAP environments of any size to the Cloud with little to zero downtime.
Lemongrass LCP
Lemongrass expands blue sky offerings for SAP in the cloud
Lemongrass announces a new swathe of enhancements on LCP to help drive a seamless experience for SAP on cloud users.
Lemongrass and Florida Crystals
Sugar cane firm Florida Crystals sweetens SAP estate with AWS Cloud
Florida Crystals Corporation (FCC), a vertically integrated cane sugar company based in West Palm Beach, Florida, has entered into a collaboration with Lemongrass, the SAP on cloud company, to move its SAP estate to AWS.
Lemongrass cloud symbol on a digitized blue background.
Lemongrass accelerates cloud innovation for SAP users
Lemongrass, the SAP on Cloud company, has launched four new services for enterprises running their systems with SAP. The new offerings are designed to accelerate the process of moving SAP users to the cloud, provide solutions for adhering to SAP...
Cognizant and Microsoft partner in boost to virtual healthcare
Cognizant and Microsoft have announced a new collaboration to deliver a virtual healthcare solution for improving remote patient monitoring and medical care.  Announced on Tuesday, the solution from Cognizant will leverage parts of the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare and is...
Lemongrass mixes strategic multi-cloud combo cocktail
Sometime after the PC revolution, the summer of love and the eventual arrival of the so-called information superhighway, enterprise organisations in every vertical realised that they needed a technology strategy. These days known by the now hackneyed term digital transformation,...