Image of a hand reaching into a fridge full of appealing looking food, in date. | LLM data
LLM use-by data – who’s keeping the data up to date?
Your chatbot is leveling up, but who's keeping the data up to date for our LLMs? Microsoft, Google and specialist researchers give their take.
ServiceNow announces big expansion to Now Platform with Vancouver release
As part of ServiceNow's majorly expanded Now Platform, it has launched a live Virtual Agent which will be able to resolve issues and requests faster without needing to ask users to repeat themselves.
GenAI LLM | Image of a Minecraft sandcastle
GenAI guardrails ahoy with LLM sandboxes
GenAI LLMs can transform enterprises without rocking the boat. Jeremy Barnes, ServiceNow and Dave Kanter, Accenture ServiceNow Business Group, explain.
Image of technology in hospital
Cognizant and Google Cloud partner for healthcare innovation
Cognizant and Google Cloud are hoping to create healthcare large language mode solutions, bringing the potential of generative AI to a range of healthcare business challenges.