Microsoft Cloud

image of healthcare provider with stethoscope and holding a mobile | Microsoft and Mercy
Microsoft and Mercy reimagine healthcare operations with GenAI
Microsoft has entered a long-term collaboration with Mercy, leveraging GenAI and other digital technologies to give physicians, advance practice providers and nurses more time to care for patients and improve the patient experience.
image of a green tree Python | Python in Excel
Fangtastic: Python in Excel to reshape visualizations for analysts
Microsoft has announced a significant evolution in the analytical capabilities within Excel by releasing a public preview of Python in Excel.
Robin Worrall | Unsplash, Lifecycle Software and Microsoft
Lifecycle Software dials into Microsoft to enhance mobile systems
Lifecycle Software has entered into a collaboration with Microsoft that will see the company leverage the Microsoft Cloud across its solutions, enabling some of the biggest mobile operators to provide better services to customers. Based in the UK, Lifecycle Software...
Blake Wisz | Unsplash | EY Retail Intelligence solution
EY launches EY Retail Intelligence for Microsoft Cloud builds
EY has launched a new EY Retail Intelligence solution, that builds on the Microsoft Cloud and Cloud for Retail, to provide consumers with a seamless and streamlined shopping experience.
MS-Exec-Nadella-Satya | Microsoft Q1
Microsoft Q1 reveals cloud wins amidst net income falls
Microsoft's first quarter 2023 financial results show an 11 percent revenue increase, to $50.1bn year on year. The net income for the technology giant, however, has fallen by 14 percent.
P&G and Microsoft to build future of digital manufacturing
Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) will leverage Microsoft Cloud to help create the future of digital manufacturing at P&G in a new multi-year collaboration with Microsoft.
Outdoor goods retailer Bradshaw Taylor chooses Microsoft Cloud
Bradshaw Taylor, the outdoor and country goods retailer, has selected Microsoft Cloud to give a real-time view of the business and quickly respond to customer demand. The company has built a new centralized and integrated system on Microsoft Dynamics 365...
Microsoft building | SSE
Cloud strength fuels Microsoft in Q3
Microsoft has reported results for Q3 of fiscal year 2022 ended March 31, 2022, revealing an 18 percent year-on-year increase in revenue to $49.4bn. Microsoft recorded a 26 percent increase in Intelligent Cloud revenue to $19.1bn; a 17 percent increase...