Microsoft Dynamics

Viridor and Microsoft
Viridor energized as Microsoft Dynamics 365 cuts costs by a quarter
Viridor, a UK resource recovery and recycling management services provider, chooses to implement a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution.
Dynamics 365 one partner
Is Microsoft pushing one partner for Dynamics 365?
Dynamics 365 MVPs aren't happy as Bam Boom Cloud appears to take the sales limelight for Microsoft.
Blake Wisz | Unsplash | EY Retail Intelligence solution
EY launches EY Retail Intelligence for Microsoft Cloud builds
EY has launched a new EY Retail Intelligence solution, that builds on the Microsoft Cloud and Cloud for Retail, to provide consumers with a seamless and streamlined shopping experience.
MS-Exec-Nadella-Satya | Microsoft Q1
Microsoft Q1 reveals cloud wins amidst net income falls
Microsoft's first quarter 2023 financial results show an 11 percent revenue increase, to $50.1bn year on year. The net income for the technology giant, however, has fallen by 14 percent.
Quick start guide to workforce transformation: helping you respond
COVID-19 has upended every level of “business as usual.” Companies are scrambling to meet changing...
iCIMS announces collaboration with Microsoft Dynamics 365
ICIMS has announced its new partnership with Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a recruiting software provider...