A wide angle view of an NTT DATA building, taken on an evening | NTT Sapphire
NTT DATA’s group company snaps up Sapphire
NTT DATA Business Solutions AG, a group company of NTT DATA and SAP partner, has announced that it has acquired Sapphire.
As NTT Data buys up SAP licenses, are SIs now horsemen of the HANA-pocalypse?
NTT DATA has announced a plan to repurchase legacy and on-premises SAP licenses to help ease customer cloud migrations. But is this enough?
Attendees at NTT's transformation now event | urging SAP community to “step out of comfort zone”
NTT DATA urges SAP community to “step out of comfort zone”
Dedicated to gathering the SAP community to learn, share and network, NTT’s Transformation NOW! 2023 event focused on all things SAP.
image of wind turbine in sunflower field | Salesforce and Ferrovial
Salesforce drives sustainability initiative with Ferrovial and NTT DATA
Salesforce has announced it has expanded its partnership with global infrastructure operator, Ferrovial, and technology consultancy NTT DATA, to develop the next generation of sustainable infrastructure technology.