hybrid cloud
Simplifying workload diversity across hybrid cloud with latest Red Hat updates 
Red Hat has just released Red Hat OpenShift 4.16, the latest version of its popular hybrid cloud platform powered by Kubernetes.
Infor’s recent acquisitions place importance on data-driven decision-making
Infor has announced the acquisition of Albanero and Acumen to keep its data-driven decision-making up to par.
Citizen developers and governance in enterprise software today
The recent push of AI into today’s ERP systems has seen a resurgence in the old debate about the risk in employing low-code and no-code solutions. With the rise of citizen developers, enterprises saw a quick fix for the tech...
Ticking the tax compliance checklist with the latest SapphireOne updates
SapphireOne has released new tax regulation updates; but what are Microsoft Dyanmics 365 and SAP doing on a larger, more global scale?
image of goldfish floating above its water bowl | permacrisis
How can users come up for air in a permacrisis?
Manufacturers and supply chains are feeling the permacrisis pressure. EY’s global consulting head of SAP, Dr. Tom Janoshalmi, shares how users can resurface from the slump.
image of Vitesco CIO Thomas Buck | cloud and sustainable transformation
Vitesco: Driving a 4.0 sky-high, sustainable world
CIO Thomas Buck talks cloud and sustainable transformation for electric powertrain engine technology firm, Vitesco Technologies, plus the possibilities of Industry 4.0, across its AWS, SAP and Microsoft stack.
photo of birds flying in the sky in a formation
SAP S/4HANA: To wait or not to wait, that is the question
On December 31 2027, SAP maintenance for previous ERP systems will expire, leaving those who have not yet migrated to S/4HANA – as the saying goes – "in the dust". So, what options are out there for those still on the verge about what steps to take?
SNP’s CEO Jens Amail
SNP expands support for digital transformations at Heidelberg conference
At the Transformation World conference, SNP announced the launch of its Kyano platform to boost digital transformations and business agility.
sapphire barcelona
SAP Sapphire Barcelona: Bring out your Best
Following on from its Orlando event, at SAP Sapphire Barcelona the theme was clear: "bring out your best."
Co-op feeds off SAP Cloud for CX at SAP Sapphire Barcelona
Retailer Co-op announced at SAP Sapphire Barcelona that it has made the plunge into SAP's cloud solutions.
a darkened photo of a mountain with a sign "WalkMe" on top | WalkMe logo, SAP to acquire WalkMe
SAP will acquire WalkMe to strengthen support for end users, expand Business AI
SAP has announced that it will acquire WalkMe, a leader in digital adoption platforms (DAPs), to enhance the customer experience and enrich SAP Business AI offerings.
long exposure photography of lights | Data Migration International JiVS buyer's guide
JiVS capability guide: Mastering data complexity and optimizing data management
Drawing on insights from the SAPinsider 2023 Buyer’s Guide for Data Management and Analytics, this Capability Guide summarizes some of the main trends in the industry and the challenges facing SAP organizations.
SAP Sapphire debuts new GenAI to “ignite ingenuity”
SAP has announced GenAI innovations and partnerships to infuse Business AI across its enterprise cloud portfolio and “bring out customers’ best” at the SAP Sapphire conference in Orlando, Florida. 
SAP GenAI gets boost with AWS cloud and chips
Ahead of its Sapphire 2024 conference in Orlando, SAP has announced an expanded, strategic collaboration with AWS to change modern cloud ERP experiences and help end users drive new capabilities and efficiencies with SAP GenAI (generative artificial intelligence).
a street sign pointing left and right | Stick or twist? As SAP lays its cards on the table, the time is coming for customers to decide
Stick or twist? As SAP lays its cards on the table, the time is coming for customers to decide
SAP’s cloud shift via RISE with SAP creates division: customers must choose between costly cloud migration or seeking alternatives.
Construction site Enerfab SAP RISE Smarter Projects AI
The Potential of Smarter Projects with Enerfab’s Rajesh Kapoor
Enerfab's Rajesh Kapoor speaks with ERP Today to shed light on how his company is leveraging SAP and Microsoft tech for smarter projects.
image of mountain in clouds with pine forest in foreground | IBM and SAP
Up in the clouds: IBM and SAP expand long-standing collaboration
IBM and SAP have announced plans to expand their over 50-year collaboration and unveil new GenAI capabilities and industry-specific cloud solutions to help clients unlock business value.
Image of a couple on top of a snowy mountain, looking out at the landscape | SAP and IBM
A long marriage made in innovation: What’s next for IBM and SAP?
IBM’s global head of SAP, Mike Perera, shares the wins and next step wonderings of an over 50-year-strong partnership, with cloud migration and emerging GenAI and Quantum technologies high on the roster.
photo of a person holding a bunch of 100 dollar banknotes | legacy SAP system costs concept
The hidden costs of outdated SAP systems
At a time when agility and innovation are more in demand than ever, it’s vital to optimize your SAP infrastructure on a regular basis.
A supply chain shipment in the water with birds.
Shipping off to AI! SAP debuts new AI capabilities in supply chain solutions
In response to the mounting pressures facing manufacturers worldwide, SAP has announced new AI advancements in its supply chain solutions. 
Lake - SAP Datalakes AI data lakehouses - and dilemma | SAP Data
SAP customers’ dilemma in the data and AI ecosystem
SAP's offerings continue to evolve, aiming to provide a unified approach to data management and analytics, solving age old user dilemma.
A long bridge with clouds on its other side | Building partnership bridges in the quest for digitalization and growth
Building partnership bridges in the quest for digitalization and growth
Redwood’s Devin Gharibian-Saki shares his perspectives on success in digital transformation, SAP partnership and the future of AI.
CGI image of a red cloud connected to desktop computer, surrounded by abstract tech panels | Cloud ERP SAP
From a single scoop to a punnet: Cloud ERP is designed to scale as business appetite grows
Cloud ERP gives you the powerful technology, flexibility and access to cutting-edge innovations you need to navigate your growth journey, no matter where it takes you.
person walking over bridge with gaps
When RISE leaves you exposed: Gaps that can trip up SAP leaders
RISE with SAP presents one option for migrating critical SAP workloads to the cloud. However, before signing on the dotted line, enterprises must navigate the less publicized realities that can turn a RISE migration into a frustrating quagmire.
SAP cloud partner
AI with a little help from my friends: The role of cloud and partnerships for innovation
ERP Today interviews SAP’s CMSO and its S/4HANA VP at the 2024 SAP Partner Summit to discuss cloud, partnerships and the future of AI.
Image of a blue and red toy robot with dials and sensors. | SAP AI
Are SAP users embracing AI?
SAP has been on an AI offering promotion rampage - but so far without a surge in customer uptake. Should we expect this to change?
two hands using a laptop and one pointing at the screen | KPMG UK joins SAP PartnerEdge to help advance business transformation
KPMG UK joins SAP PartnerEdge to advance business transformation
KPMG UK has announced that it has joined the SAP PartnerEdge program to help users fast-track their digital transformation journeys.
NVIDIA sign outside its headquarters office in Santa Clara, California | Tech companies team up with NVIDIA for AI innovation
Tech companies team up with NVIDIA for AI innovation
AWS, IBM, SAP, Accenture, Snowflake and Lenovo have recently unveiled collaborations with NVIDIA at the company’s global conference GTC AI.
graphic of a person looking through a telescope | A look to the future Technology 2024
A look to the future: Technology predictions in 2024
What will 2024 bring? After the year of the GenAI boom, here are the experts’ enterprise technology predictions for 2024 and beyond.
image of air hostess with plane and blue sky in the background | Delta Air Lines AI
Delta Air Lines takes flight with AI tools
As the American airline brings its HR AI vision to life, will the intelligent land of SAP’s Joule be its next destination?