abstract image of blockchain | Wipro Lab45 DICE ID
Wipro Lab45 leverages blockchain technology to DICE ID
As part of Wipro Limited, Wipro Lab45 has announced the launch of its Decentralized Identity and Credential Exchange (DICE ID), allowing users control of their personal data and enabling faster, easier, and secure sharing of private information online.
Stock image of cybersecurity | Accenture Federal Services
Wipro launches cybersecurity consulting in Europe
Wipro is launching cybersecurity consulting in Europe, as part of its vision to help global clients with dynamic threat and regulatory environments.
Deepfake data will mean real money in finance – but reality is key
Can synthetic data resolve bias, privacy and data gaps for financial services?
Petrobras accelerates digital journey with Wipro and ServiceNow
Wipro and ServiceNow are joining forces to support Petrobras’ digital transformation towards automation and internal customer experience.
Wipro acquires SAP consulting firm Rizing for $540m
Wipro LTD has acquired SAP consulting firm, Rizing Intermediate Holdings, for $540m, significantly expanding its breadth of capabilities in helping businesses transform into intelligent enterprises. The deal is expected to close before June 30, 2022.