Shifting to Cloud Strategies without Jeopardizing Mission-Critical Tasks


For SAP operations, mission-critical tasks like labeling play a pivotal role in business operations, in this case directly influencing the success of daily product shipments. The challenge faced by many organizations is how to seamlessly shift towards a cloud-first strategy without disrupting their day-to-day business operations.

Birla Carbon, one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality carbon black additives globally, recently navigated this challenge by migrating from the Loftware Print Server (LPS) to the innovative Loftware Spectrum Cloud. Loftware is the world’s largest cloud-based Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management provider, offering end-to-end labeling solutions benefiting SAP users.

This move aimed to simplify their labeling infrastructure, and with Spectrum Cloud’s robust tools and excellent technical support, the company was able to not only facilitate a smooth transition but also provided a crystal-clear overview of their labeling system. The most significant outcome of this migration was a substantial 60 percent reduction in label templates, effectively streamlining their entire labeling process.

For SAP users accustomed to file-drop processes for label transfer, Birla Carbon’s transition to Spectrum Cloud involved updating existing processes with the Universal Connector. This move ensured a seamless integration with SAP systems, requiring minimal adjustments. Rigorous testing and validation by the IT team guaranteed a smooth transition, preserving the efficiency of label printing processes.

One common challenge during system transitions, particularly for global organizations with SAP systems, is the training of employees across different time zones. Birla Carbon tackled this obstacle by leveraging Loftware’s Online Academy, showcasing the adaptability of cloud-based training solutions. The use of online training platforms not only facilitated a self-paced learning environment but also ensured a more efficient adoption of the new labeling systems by SAP users.

One of the standout benefits for SAP users contemplating a move to a solution like Spectrum Cloud is the reduced burden on their IT teams. With web-based access and role-based control, Spectrum Cloud extends labeling system access to a broader group of employees. This empowerment allows regional coordinators to troubleshoot and address printing issues locally, minimizing the risk of system failure and production downtime across various time zones.

Birla Carbon’s successful experience serves as a practical blueprint for SAP users contemplating a move to the cloud for whom worry about potential disruptions to important processes like labeling. Cloud-first strategies can be transformative for mission-critical tasks, offering efficiency and innovation that organizations cannot afford to overlook during this digitally transformative time.