Analytics and AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics are indispensable in propelling digital transformation efforts, particularly influencing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). With the rapid progression of technology and computing power, organizations across various sectors are generating immense amounts of data daily, impacting ERP processes. The significance of this data lies in its potential to extract actionable insights, facilitate strategic planning, and drive innovation within the ERP framework. In this context, AI and analytics emerge as pivotal tools, facilitating the extraction of value from the vast amounts of data generated and collected across the enterprise, optimizing ERP functionalities. Analytics is commonly categorized into descriptive, prescriptive, diagnostic, and predictive types, enhancing the ERP landscape. AI algorithms contribute not only to predictive and prescriptive analytics but also empower companies to develop innovative ERP capabilities, exemplified by advancements such as Industry 4.0.

Salesforce office building | Salesforce launches AI-powered capabilities and governance bundles
Salesforce launches AI-powered capabilities and governance bundles
Salesforce unveils AI tools for banks, streamlining dispute management and implementing secure AI rollouts, aiming for enhanced customer experiences and innovation.
a blue chip with AI written on it attached to a motherboard | Snowflake launches open LLM Arctic to cater to enterprise needs
Snowflake launches open LLM Arctic to cater to enterprise needs
Snowflake has announced a large language model (LLM), Snowflake Arctic, designed to set a precedent for open enterprise-grade LLMs.
telecommunications tower with a dark sky background | Snowflake's CTO Fawad Qureshi talks telecommunications
Snowflake’s CTO Fawad Qureshi talks telecommunications
Fawad Qureshi of Snowflake explores telecom modernization, GenAI, partnerships and sustainability, envisioning connectivity and societal impact for a more equitable world.
A supply chain shipment in the water with birds.
Shipping off to AI! SAP debuts new AI capabilities in supply chain solutions
In response to the mounting pressures facing manufacturers worldwide, SAP has announced new AI advancements in its supply chain solutions. 
image of Temple, Fujisan and Sun | Oracle Japan
Oracle Japan reveals plans to invest $8bn in cloud computing and AI
Oracle Japan has announced its plans to invest over $8bn over the next ten years to meet the growing demand for cloud computing and AI infrastructure in Japan.
Lake - SAP Datalakes AI data lakehouses - and dilemma | SAP Data
SAP customers’ dilemma in the data and AI ecosystem
SAP's offerings continue to evolve, aiming to provide a unified approach to data management and analytics, solving age old user dilemma.
image of a robotic finger touching human, "creation of Adam" reference, with a pink background | Zendesk AI news
Zendesk collaborates with AWS and Anthropic to build trust in AI
Zendesk has announced a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Anthropic to offer faster, more efficient and accurate AI features for customers. The company has also unveiled its new AI-powered service solutions at the Relate global conference.
Abstract blurry image of several different blue dots at the end of fiber wires, looking like light blue sparklers | SplashBI analytics
The right analytics tool could be the spark your business needs for growth
Analytics tools have evolved beyond simple reporting; maybe it’s time you investigated how much it can positively affect your business. New technology doesn't always make matters complex; in some cases, it can even simplify processes.
Five current trends in the AI industry every business leader should know about
Read the list of top five trends to watch for supporting AI tools for business in this article from Celonis. Leaders in any size organization can stay ahead and be prepared for the inevitable impact AI will have on your business.
abstract image of a man in front of blue, white and yellow digital light; AI concept
Deloitte expands GenAI footprint to boost clients’ business growth
Deloitte has expanded its global Gen AI network to provide clients with regional capabilities to explore solutions for business growth.
image of a white Mercedes-AMG GT S with green lights in the background | Mercedes-Benz and Google Cloud
Mercedes-Benz drives new customer experiences with Google Cloud
Google Cloud has recently announced an expansion of its strategic partnership with Mercedes-Benz and has also announced a new collaboration with Best Buy and Accenture.
sky-view photograph of Madrid, the Spanish capital during a sunny day
IBM and Spanish government to advance Spanish-language AI models
The government of Spain and IBM executives have met at the Moncloa Complex to reach a new agreement in the field of AI and supercomputing.
A happy looking AI robot - EY AI
Considering ethical AI on the road to digital transformation
EY offers valuable guidance and expertise to organizations navigating AI safety within their digital transformations.
Government, commercial industries to get AI boost from Oracle and Palantir partnership
Oracle and Palantir have joined forces to deliver mission critical AI to businesses and governments around the world
Image of a blue and red toy robot with dials and sensors. | SAP AI
Are SAP users embracing AI?
SAP has been on an AI offering promotion rampage - but so far without a surge in customer uptake. Should we expect this to change?
an AI graphic in blue, orange and black | BrainBox AI Introduces ARIA: Generative AI-powered virtual building assistant
BrainBox AI Introduces ARIA: Generative AI virtual building assistant
BrainBox AI has launched virtual building assistant, ARIA (Artificial Responsive Intelligent Assistant) powered by Amazon Bedrock.
The Future of Generative AI is Better SaaS
The future of generative AI is better SaaS
Interoperability among AI systems in SaaS is crucial for seamless collaboration, enhanced user experiences and accelerated innovation in software.
ERP Today Live! with Infor
In this ERP Today Live! Stephanie Ball is joined by Infor's Sandeep Anand and Eamon Ida, to discuss getting value when attempting your first AI project.
A collection of brightly coloured graphs and shapes indicating data analytics | EBS SplashBI
Reporting and analytics made simple with SplashEBS
Detailed data is needed to make the important business decisions that could determine your growth for the next year. Critical analysis is needed to divine the right insights, and the best service providers do so with a user interface that enhances comprehension of data.
Image of a motherboard with 'AI' on it | making the most of Business AI
Making the most of Business AI
From calculators to smartphones, technology's evolution has transformed businesses, and SAP's Walter Sun says it has the potential to be even more profound in the future.
NVIDIA sign outside its headquarters office in Santa Clara, California | Tech companies team up with NVIDIA for AI innovation
Tech companies team up with NVIDIA for AI innovation
AWS, IBM, SAP, Accenture, Snowflake and Lenovo have recently unveiled collaborations with NVIDIA at the company’s global conference GTC AI.
image of air hostess with plane and blue sky in the background | Delta Air Lines AI
Delta Air Lines takes flight with AI tools
As the American airline brings its HR AI vision to life, will the intelligent land of SAP’s Joule be its next destination?
robotic hand
Podcast: How organizations can shape the world of Responsible AI
This episode of EY's podcast series dives into how we can harness the potential of GenAI responsibly and shed light on the pressing concerns of GenAI. 
image of women figure stepping out of a line of men figures
Tapping into diversity with the technological revolution
Abigail Allman speaks with IFS MD UKI Stephanie Poore who offers an insightful glimpse into her own professional journey.
abstract image of long exposure of the highway and data signs on the sides
AI-driven analytics can change the way you use your data
Data is at the heart of the success of any modern enterprise. However, the recent exponential growth of business data has been accompanied by an equally drastic increase in complexity: more processes, ever-multiplying data sources, and a constant march toward...
a photograph of a stressed out woman sitting by the office desk with her hands crossed on her face. AI and analytics
Simply put, your ERP system can’t do AI analytics
Two technologies you hear most about today are “analytics” and “AI.” Both hold great promise for how to get the most out of your organization’s data: analytics for deriving value from all the detailed information that surrounds you, and artificial...
long exposure photograph of a highway, lightspeed effect; innovation and AI concept
KPMG to build “solid data foundations” in partnership with Databricks
KPMG UK has announced its alliance with Databricks to improve its clients' data experience by optimizing Gen AI.