Analytics and AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics are indispensable in propelling digital transformation efforts, particularly influencing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). With the rapid progression of technology and computing power, organizations across various sectors are generating immense amounts of data daily, impacting ERP processes. The significance of this data lies in its potential to extract actionable insights, facilitate strategic planning, and drive innovation within the ERP framework. In this context, AI and analytics emerge as pivotal tools, facilitating the extraction of value from the vast amounts of data generated and collected across the enterprise, optimizing ERP functionalities. Analytics is commonly categorized into descriptive, prescriptive, diagnostic, and predictive types, enhancing the ERP landscape. AI algorithms contribute not only to predictive and prescriptive analytics but also empower companies to develop innovative ERP capabilities, exemplified by advancements such as Industry 4.0.

Woman smiling and working on a supercomputer : HPE NVIDIA AI
HPE and NVIDIA debut supercomputing solution to hasten GenAI training
HPE has announced a supercomputing solution for GenAI designed for large enterprises to accelerate AI training.
Tech heart rate monitor | Thoma Bravo
Thoma Bravo secures $1.8bn NextGen Healthcare acquisition
Thoma Bravo has acquired NextGen Healthcare, Inc., a provider of cloud-based healthcare technology solutions, for $1.8bn.
Symbio and Celonis joint banner at the acquisition announcement
Celonis acquires Symbio to bolster its AI-portfolio
Celonis has announced the acquisition of AI-driven BPM software provider, Symbioworld, to bolster its process intelligence AI-portfolio.
Boomi provides end-to-end capabilities including application integration, data quality governance, B2B/EDI network management, API management and workflow automation.
image of Google HQ | Google Cloud and Stagwell
Stagwell leverages Google Cloud to boost GenAI marketing capabilities
Google Cloud and SADA, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, has entered into a partnership with Stagwell to develop GenAI marketing solutions that support Stagwell agencies, client partners and product development within the Stagwell Marketing Cloud (SMC).
image of Toronto, Canada with multi-coloured sign | GenAI studios
Accenture to launch GenAI studios to boost capabilities in NA
Accenture has announced its intentions to launch a network of GenAI studios in North America where companies can explore ways to optimize and reinvent their business through the responsible use of GenAI applications.
A person holding a phone with a digital cloud projection coming from it | Anthropic
Anthropic leverages Google’s Cloud TPU v5e chips for AI inference
Google has expanded its partnership with Anthropic, committing to the highest standards of AI security and safety, and will allow Anthropic to leverage the latest generation Cloud TPU v5e chips for AI inference.
Salesforce automotive cloud innovations
Salesforce announces automotive cloud innovations for connected cars
Salesforce is coming out with automotive cloud innovations which will bring automakers connected vehicle visualization, actionable telematics and more.
abstract image of a brain | Oracle and Microsoft
Oracle and Microsoft collab to support growth flurry of AI services
Oracle has announced a multi-year agreement with Microsoft to support the growth of AI services.
The letters 'AI' are imprinted on a gold plaque on top of a black circle | SAP Aleph
SAP backs Aleph Alpha’s $500m series B round
SAP has joined a consortium of investors to back the series B round of GenAI developer, Aleph Alpha, totaling $500m.
A puddle of oil : DaaS
After the oil spill comes AI to fill in the gaps for enterprises
For AI to succeed it needs data and computation, so let’s look into the reasons why CxOs need to now have DaaSrolling off their tongues.
Image of AI chatbot
PwC joins the AI trend with its own ChatPwC
PwC is slowly releasing its new generative AI tool named ChatPwC, which has already been released to approx. 1,000 employees.
abstract AI image
Meet Maxi, Earth CEO – and savior of humanity
Welcome to 2033. On the anniversary of its ascendancy, we interview the benevolent AGI which runs our planet and drove CxOs to extinction, MAX1-GPT.
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