UiPath takes AI to new altitude with Project Wingman

Enterprise automation software company UiPath has taken its automation platform one cloud strata higher with its latest Artificial Intelligence (AI)-fuelled updates.

The newly announced Project Wingman enables users to create RPA-style automations from simple natural language prompts. 

The project is now available in private preview for select customers. 

Specialized AI 

“Project Wingman brings together our AI Computer Vision’s deep understanding of computer screens with generative AI. Using simple natural language prompts, users can uncover endless possibilities by creating automations that combine specialized AI trained with proprietary data with the intelligence of generative AI,” said Dr. Edward Challis, head of AI strategy at UiPath. 

Challis further explains that the UiPath end-to-end platform combines specialized AI solutions with the intelligence of Generative AI. 

Project Wingman is designed to enhance automation creation for developers by providing a user-friendly experience and uses generative AI to make the company’s platform more accessible to those without programming experience. 

The private preview will allow customers with early access to experience how “Project Wingman” significantly improves business productivity, employee satisfaction, and customer experiences.

Responsible AI adoption

UiPath is join other AI companies and industry practitioners to discuss the responsible adoption of AI and machine learning technology at this year’s Ai4 conference held this year at the start of August.

UiPath chief strategy sfficer Brandon Deer hosted a fireside chat with Joshua Browder, CEO of the New York-based startup DoNotPay to discuss how to tackle an outdated legal system with AI. 

Browder shared his journey from taking on outdated courtroom rules to tweaking his AI to balance being both aggressive and striking an emotional connection.

The AI-powered UiPath Business Automation Platform combines the leading robotic process automation (RPA) solution with a full suite of capabilities to understand, automate and operate end-to-end processes.