UiPath unlocks AI capabilities with new automation offerings

image of blue UiPath logo in UiPath office | UiPath and AI

Announced at TOGETHER London 2023, UiPath has unveiled its latest AI-powered automation features that accelerate customers’ ability to discover, automate and operate automation at scale through generative AI and specialized AI.

According to a recent report by McKinsey on the economic impact of generative AI, generative AI has increased the total percentage of hours that could be automated by integrating technologies that exist today from 50 percent to 60-70 percent.

The UiPath Business Automation Platform is adding more AI offerings with generative AI, including the general availability of OpenAI and Azure OpenAI connectors with support for GPT-4. UiPath customers can use the OpenAI connector to extend automation deeper into business operations and turn data into actionable insights.

UiPath has also announced its support for the Falcon Large Language Model (LLM) via its Amazon SageMaker connector, and the preview of the Google Vertex connector with support for PaLM 2.

In addition to these new features, the company has announced the preview availability of Clipboard AI for finance teams. Clipboard AI is an offering that uses UiPath AI Computer Vision and Generative AI to transfer data between documents, apps and spreadsheets and enables the data to be automatically inserted into the correct place. The preview for finance teams allows users to manage invoicing effectively and efficiently across multiple finance platforms.

Graham Sheldon, chief product officer at UiPath, said: “AI technologies are at the core of the UiPath Business Automation Platform and we are excited to extend the capabilities of our enterprise automation with new generative AI and specialized AI offerings. UiPath is uniquely able to combine our understanding of screens, documents, tasks and processes with the intelligence of generalized AI to watch work happen, understand what is being done and automate it in our platform. Only when AI is combined with enterprise automation, to provide context and take appropriate action, will companies realize the complete value.”

Aaron Phillips, manager of intelligent automation at Reveal Group, said: “Using the UiPath OpenAI connector, we can leverage GPT models to prewrite responses to customer inquiries, or for summarizing and distilling longer documents into key points. This is an asset when faced with character limits or size constraints.”