Unit4 adds up for East Hampshire District Council financials

Close up of a computer screen showing different metrics and values | Unit4 and East Hampshire District Council

Unit4 has today announced a new partnership with East Hampshire District Council (DC) to automate and simplify the council’s business processes, reduce admin costs and support financial best practices. Unit4 ERP Financials and FP&A have been selected to carry out this task.

East Hampshire DC, located in Hampshire, England, covers over 130,000 people and was the first council in the country to develop a shared management team with Havant Borough Council (Havant DC). After separating from Havant DC and the shared IT service, East Hampshire DC has selected Unit4 to support its finance teams.

By moving forward with Unit4 ERP Financials and FP&A, East Hampshire DC will hope to improve budget management through self-service reporting (requiring less employee reliance on accountants to provide the necessary information), gain access to real-time data and insights from a single source and identify root causes and dependencies for financial planning.

The new upgrades also have a selection of financial functions, like integrated asset tracking across accounting and procurement, for full control and visibility. For reporting, the council will be able to access an overview of the progress and results of all planning cycles, as well as share graphical visualizations and dashboards.

East Hampshire DC is the latest among many other councils that have chosen to integrate Unit4’s services. Others include: South Kesteven District Council, St. Helen’s Borough Council, Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils, and North Warwickshire Borough Council.

“We needed a real-time view of what was happening across the organization, which would also help to provide a better understanding of our future direction,” said Councillor Charles Louisson, portfolio holder for finance at East Hampshire District Council. “Unit4’s intuitive, integrated solutions, coupled with their experience in the public sector, especially within local and regional government, were key factors in our decision making.”

James Arvin, director of public sector, UKI at Unit4 said: “We are absolutely delighted that East Hampshire District Council has selected us to automate its business processes, in order to meet its goals and ambitions. It is our commitment as a company to make sure that public sector organizations are equipped with the tools and technology they need to achieve success and increase citizen value.”